Evolve’s Identity Crisis Cuts to the Core of Today’s DLC Culture

Vice: By the time Evolve came out in February 2015, it'd been preceded by a marketing blitz that assured us that something completely new was coming to our next-gen systems. They were right. Evolve is the shit. There's nothing like it. The uniquely competitive game features four human players working together as Hunters in order to take down a single human player who is a giant, frothing monster that wants to eat everyone.

You can see the parallels between Evolve and Left 4 Dead, a previous (hugely successful and critically acclaimed) title in developer Turtle Rock's catalogue. But where that cooperative zombie shooter shoe-horned in a competitive four-on-four, monsters-against-humans mode post-launch, Evolve was created from the ground up to be an eSport like nobody had ever seen.

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