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Xenoblade Chronicles X, known simply as Xenoblade X (Cross) in Japan, has been on the radar of many gamers for the past few years. A follow-up to the critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii, developer Monolith Software is looking to offer another deeply immersive experience at a scope that they simply couldn't technologically reach in previous games. After playing just a little over seven hours of the game, it is way too early to give a final verdict on my experience. However, from what I have played, it’s easy to say that X is a game that is something special and RPG fans should be super excited about.

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Gemmol1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I told everyone best way to enjoy this game is to download the whole game from the eShop. Theres no way I would buy the retail version unless it got a special preorder bonus. If it do not have a bonus, I will only preorder from the eShop.

I have not bought retail in a while, so I hope the preorder bonus is nothing special, so I can still continue with downloading my games. I wish Nintendo can find a way to make preorder online games feel the same as preordering at a store, meaning they could mail us our preorder bonus if its a object or something, but if it is just a code to get extra features, they could make the download for the game contain the extra features, this way I never have to do retail again.

I got 800 gigs left on my 1tb that I bought for 50 dollars, no problems, work great, and load everything nice and fast. If there are people interested in the one that I got here is the link from Amazon

All you do is plug this bad boy in with a Y cable and you set to go. I think that I may have over did it with the size of my hard drive, I got over 30 games for Wii U and I still have over 800 gigs left. Hopefully I can use this for Nintendo NX system when it comes out in 3 years, or I will just have to find something to do with the extra space.

wonderfulmonkeyman1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I'm doing digital for this, too.
The staff at Monolith themselves have suggested that digital is the most convenient option for this game thanks to reduced load times, so while most games on the Wii U don't see a huge amount of digital purchases, I get the feeling that this game is actually the exception to the norm for Wii U games.
If the physical version and digital version are brought out here in the same way, with physical having the free data packs to download and the digital simply including them, I think the same might hold true for the WW release as well.

I really wanna see some digital numbers. The game sold through 70% of its initial physical shipment during that first week (as seen here: ), and it's been at the top of the eshop chart since release, so I'm intensely curious what the digital numbers are.

Gemmol1229d ago

I feel the same way, we will know soon at next fiscal quarter, when they release their sales figure

Tales RPG addict1230d ago

Considering how i don't have internet where i live i'm gonna buy a physical copy of this game, and go to a friends how to download the packs.