New Witcher 3 Gameplay Video Released. Ten Day Countdown Started

A new short gameplay video for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been released on the game's official Facebook page, along side this short clip is the official countdown for the release of the game on the 19th of May 2015 for PC, PS4, and XB1.

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Fro_xoxo1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )


I use to wonder if you could only dash.. you can also roll.
Plus, there are executions.

Looking good. I have to pre-load on XO asap.

3-4-51290d ago

Looks pretty good. never played this series, but once the price drops I'll probably try it out.

Allsystemgamer1290d ago

You won't be disappointed. The 2nd game was incredible.

Paytaa1290d ago

If you have a gaming PC or a 360, I highly recommend The Witcher 2. It's one of the most addicting RPG's I've ever played and it's story is A+ work. You're in for a treat if you decide to make the plunge.

showtimefolks1290d ago

I hope we get a witcher 1-2 collection for ps4 and Xbox one

DEEBO1290d ago

Wow finally someone knows how to play.

ps4fanboy1290d ago

Heads off to them , they've down a sterling job on ps4....

cannon88001290d ago


"Heads off" lol nice one :D

Paytaa1290d ago

The downvotes are real.

starchild1290d ago

I'm sure they're real in your head. But I'm very impressed with what I've seen of the game. All games go through tweaks and I've seen a few things that might have been tweaked down and some that have been improved, but overall it looks just as good as it always did.

Anyone trying to act like there is some kind of big difference is full of sh*t, to be blunt.

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