An Open Letter to GoNintendo

"As many of our very own readers know, GoNintendo has had a very rough last two days. After suffering a hardware failure, Kevin (RMC for short), the head writer at GN, was informed that the site might lose everything. Everything. Thousands upon thousands of posts, interviews, features, and comments could possibly be lost. Ten years of his life. There was also the possibility that a backup would come through, saving all the posts up to the beginning of 2014" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Geobros1313d ago

I didn't know about Go nintendo. I wish them good luck in saving missing data.

Errefus1312d ago

its a great site for nintendo news been following them since 2005, good luck!

3-4-51312d ago

It's a solid site for instant Nintendo news. Hopefully things work out.