This Week On Xbox – Episode One

Major Nelson:

This Week On Xbox is a new show featuring a weekly recap of the latest news, game releases, and more. And if you watch it on Xbox One, it will have some interactive elements to enhance the experience. The videos will also be available on the Xbox YouTube channel and I’ll make a post each week when a new show is out. The current plan is to release a new episode every Friday.

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nicksetzer11108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

I have a sneaking suspicion this is MS' way of advertising games for their console that they don't have marketing rights to. They will have this on Xbox Wire, youtube, the xbox dash, major nelson, and all over the place, seems like a pretty smart move if so.

Basically advertising via the guise of "news."

Kingdomcome2471107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

That's a very interesting thought.

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Septic1107d ago

Yeah quite a clever move. It will be tricky though at times to pass it off as news if they don't cover any negative aspects.

bleedsoe9mm1107d ago

a show about whats cool on xbox what negative stories would you want them to cover lol

GenuineGamer1107d ago ShowReplies(1)
GenuineGamer1107d ago ShowReplies(5)
christocolus1107d ago

Love what MS and IG have done with Killer Instinct. The game is amazing. Great Video

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Sureshot1107d ago

Cool can't wait to tune in! I just hope Larry isn't hosting! I don't like him and I don't know why

Ank6661107d ago

You are not alone

Can't stand his fuggly behaviour

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