Civilization Revolution 2 Plus Rated for PS Vita

TGC: The PS Vita may have been left for dead by Sony, but at least we have the support of third-party developers.

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sinncross1229d ago

I know some ppl might take this the wrong way, but I think Sony should be looking to get mobile games onto the PSV. I dont mean any mobile game, I mean those based off actual known gaming IPs or those that are recgonised as good mobile games.

For instance, who would not want to to play Dead Space mobile or Mass Effect Infiltrator? or even ports of games like TWEWY or titles from Game loft.

These would be a great source of software for the vita, especially since many of these games would play really well with the control options the Vita supports.

I think it would be great if take2 could bring Xcom ( I know there were rumours at one stage?) and Bioshock to the Vita as well. More software is always welcome.

Becuzisaid1229d ago

If you can put KOTOR on an iPad, you can put it on the Vita.

chrish19901229d ago

Ahem brother. What i wouldnt do to play KOTOR on the vita. Wouldnt actually mind some of gameloft's rip offs either at this point.

slinky1234561229d ago

I would love KOTOR on the Vita. Considered getting it for mobile just so I could have another experience with it. Would be great on Vita though.

3-4-51229d ago

I'd play this on Vita.

barb_wire1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Why isn't 'Score! Classic Goals' on the Vita? - play that thing everyday on my ipad/windows 8 phone.. the Vita is more than capable of playing it..

Even 'Bioshock' is on the ipad.. never did get our Vita version.

ginsunuva1229d ago

Bioshock is on ipad?


AntsPai1229d ago

I would kill for the final fantasy and dragon quest ports with trophies on vita. I just can't bring myself to play them on my phone. Same with the gta ports.

someOnecalled1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

People have been saying this since vita launched that's why I sold mine and brought a shield tablet. I loved it but I felt like I was mostly using it for media. That's the main reason plus with the tablet I could play a ton of mobile games that's free and play games like street fighter and GTA sa. I also have been streaming AAA games for over a year since before PS now was announced for free.

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ChronoJoe1229d ago

I'd buy this, Civ, and the first Civ Rev are a lot of fun.

madcowzz1229d ago

RTS games seem like they'd be a very welcome thing for the Vita. Also bring a Metal Gear Portable and Gran Turismo Portable too dammit!

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