The Witcher 3 - Gameplay Reveal 2013 Trailer versus 2015 Build - Comparison Shows Downgraded Visuals

DSOGaming writes: "‘Downgraded’ is a word that most developers hate. Still, and since CD Projekt RED was open to comparisons between the game’s final and 2013 versions, who decided to share these comparison screenshots that show how the game has changed over its course of development.

What's really great about this comparison (provided by Guru3D's member '(.)(.)'), is that a number of explanations have been added so that you can immediately see the differences between these two builds."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

I think we can all say the reveal trailer looks far better than what it does today. Did anybody think it wouldn't though? We should all be used to this crap by now.

The best thing to do is just pay attention to gameplay and ignore visuals until it's released. That way we don't get so excited then let down.

TheHaloGuy924d ago

This^ Why do peeps still get overhyped by what devs say?! They been doin this shit since the 90's. Why are u all STILL suprised. BTW game STILL looks gorgeous as fuck. You guys need to start making up your own minds and not following the crowd.

924d ago
1nsomniac923d ago

It's not been happening since the 90's. It's happened plenty of times in the past but it was on the very odd occasion. It's now happening on every single release, which is something we all should be very, very worried about. This is a trend that we simply cannot allow to spread especially with the TTIP trying to be forced in behind the publics backs. This is exactly why they want to bring this in so they can sell you all types of products with false promises & the consumer cannot complain.

OB1Biker923d ago

'You guys need to start making up your own minds and not following the crowd.'

Yea like not believing everything and crappy comparisons on the internet too.
Downgrades do happen but I need serious sites like DF to compare same footage in exactly the same condition weather/ time of day / angle etc before howling with the wolves (crowd)

Army_of_Darkness923d ago

Not much of a downgrade in comparison to watch dogs lol! Now that was an obvious downgrade and big disappointment.

Exoil923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

@Army_of_Darkness: I agree with you that it wasn't all that it was hyped up to be, but Watch Dogs is still a pretty gorgeous game imo.

Bansai923d ago

They've been showing actual game footage FOR A YEAR NOW so... while I'm mad because of the downgrade, I can't just tell them they're lying bunch like Ubisoft since they're constantly showing me the version I'm going to get.

StarLord_Who923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

Graphics are all these morons care about though?

4Sh0w923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

Edit, my bad meant to reply below.

I agree with Morgan but I also think we are being a bit too critical= this is a massive game and despite the downgrade CD Project Red did a helluva job on all platforms.

Again this goes back to something Ive said before, going all the way back to Watch Dogs; devs need to stop showing maxed out pc game trailers when they first reveal a game, no showing some amazing gameplay with great graphics stating emphatically its running on console hardware would be far more impressive and would go a long way towards selling/marketing their game.

Scottyxboxoneandps4923d ago

Well that's fine. But they should show gameplay that is possible and not some impossible gameplay just to get people's pre-orders. There should be a law for this sort of crap, it's just plain false advertising.

Soc5923d ago

Ummm I don't know about gorgeous as Fck, it looks pretty different now. I think CDPR is in for a big hullaballoo that they are going to wish they didn't cause. It sucks because they are a great developer, but this is going to be a big controversy when the game is released, PC mainly gamers are going to make a big deal out of this. The gamers are already chirping and it's going to get ugly

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morganfell924d ago

"We should all be used to this crap by now."

No we shouldn't be used to this. We should stop accepting this. As long as people buy off though, developers and publishers will continue. I believe they must have some market research telling them the boost they get from the initial fan reaction outweighs the consequences when the lie is inevitably discovered.

AngelicIceDiamond924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

@Morgan Yeah your looking way to far into this. This game holds up extremely well despite the overall downgrade. What else do you want from these devs? At least They didn't pull off a Ubisoft with WD.

Never mind the fact:

Its biggest games created on our consoles. GTA, Skyrim and Dragon age have nothing on this game, size wise.

The greatest looking graphics and character models since the Mass Effect series FOR AN OPEN WORLD GAME mind you.

One of the greatest and deepest action RPG games around.

You don't understand, current gen is happening RIGHT NOW, this is 8th gen.

T900924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

Well what do you guys expect them to do, they had to accommodate consoles too. Consoles arent some high end PCs like Sony and MS would like you to believe. In fact current gen consoles are a significant step down compared to what PS3 and Xbox 360 were for their time.

PC version will probably be upgraded by mods later on in the future, for now enjoy the game play.

Haru924d ago


I wouldn't say the The best looking open world game, imho Assassin's creed unity despite it's flaws looked miles way better than The witcher not that The witcher 3 looks bad mind you, the game looks gorgeous but not the best, Assassin's creed had massive crowds and massive 1:1 scale very detailed building Witcher's engine could never handle a game like ACU tbh

die_fiend923d ago


They showed this off years ago on a no doubt ridiculous PC. You scream downgrade because you're too moronic to realise that optimising a game results in changes. Do u really think on consoles that they want it to look worse than optimal? Please explain why a company like this wants 'downgraded' graphics!? Let's make our game look worse, that will help it sell. If it looks worse now, it's so that it runs, it will look amazing on consoles but there is only so much they can do! And I'm sure this is as good as they can get it looking at the's odd that you don't understand that there are limits!

DC777923d ago

Agreed. Also have to agree with Haru, there are far better looking open world games out there. That said, are they as deep and as fun? Well we shall see.

I suppose it's the same as the b.s. movie cover you get when browsing Netflix or what have you. The movie looks great and you find out later it's some cheap camcorder flick that is well below expectations.

However, showing actual gameplay looking extremely detailed and gorgeous and ending up with a dumbed down cartoony version of it later is not right.

morganfell923d ago


I am not screaming downgrade. I am not screaming at all. That is the first and smaller misreading you have made of my post. I am simply stating that we should no longer tolerate this type of deceptive false advertisement that misleads gamers. Nor should we abide the accompanying attitude that accepts later the fact that we were lied to en masse. Where is the screaming?

You should also cease making up things that aren't there or else elevate your reading comprehension. You asked this:

"Do u really think on consoles that they want it to look worse than optimal?"

From where in the most ridiculous and erred reasoning do you deduce that this is my wish? Where? What did I write that caused you to think something so wrong? It is absurd that you think I wrote anywhere or indicated in any fashion that I would like to see this happen. By writing that sentence you are not simply mistaken in your comprehension of my statements but instead you are simply making things up. If you do not think you are inventing then let us see you try and explain by any wild leap that I think developers WANT things to look worse than optimal. By writing what is essentially a lie you deduct from reasonable discussion. I await your apology.

I do not think developers WANT versions to look less than optimal and nowhere, NOWHERE did I indicate this in the sleightest. Instead they render out trailers over days using either engine assets or the engine itself but still rendering over time on the highest spec systems.

Some years back developers may have honestly believed they could by the end of the cycle achieve the target video. Now facts indicate clearly they know they will not but that is not a concern.

Publishers and developers obviously realize, through the accumulation and study of hard data, the initial preorders, boost, and buzz gained from what is essentially deceptive marketing - lying to consumers - is worth the backlash they will recieve from the public when they fail to meet the target render. Only a small number of persons will cancel their preorders and the rest will simply shrug their soldiers and wander blindly forward putting one foot in front of the other.

maniacmayhem923d ago


Developers have to show something to the public to get the appetites wet. In an ideal world all devs would show their game as they had originally envisioned it to the public. But unfortunately that is not the case as time and development moves on.

Die_fiend is right, minus the name calling, optimization, development on multiple consoles and other production issues all contribute to how a game looks in the end.

The supposed downgrade visuals we are seeing are very minor and seem to only point out shrubbery, smoke, and rocks. I think we can all live with that.

magiciandude923d ago

It's awesome living in a country where the worst of all worries is some 1% downgrade in graphics...

morganfell923d ago

I am going to disagree with you maniac because what is occurring is intentional. It is beyond easy, much simpler in fact than their current deceptive manner, to show games running on either actual hardware or hardware that is representational of not only consoles but of what miderange systems will produce.

What is being provided to the public may be tagged alpha or pre-alpha, but the completeness of these displays makes it obvious such a naming convention is in itself dishonest and designed to make one think that the product being shown will improve even more. So in effect there are two lies being told.

Due to the completeness of most of these games at the time extensive play and trailers are revealed it is rather simple to show it on actual dev kits. In reality it would be the most simple solution. The only reason they do not is a practice that can at the end of the day have but a single explanation - the deception is an intentional attempt to dupe the gamer.

Yes developers (at the behest of publishers) must show something but what they do to produce a deceptive product is far, far more difficult than the simple honest solution. When it happens continually, or rather to the point that it becomes undeniably obvious such fraudulent practices are intentional then one must ask why this practice continues. One must also consider what producers think of the average gamer that will take issue with such conventions, and that is quite obviously very little.

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AngelicIceDiamond924d ago

People need to understand downgrades are absolutely nothing new and technically normal in this industry.

Why is that PS2 Xbox era, hell even most of last gen we didn't get super upset over a downgrade? People act like devs hit their targets with every single AAA released back then.

I think the only time we should be upset is if we have another WD type of hype. Other than that TW3 looks phenomenal on all consoles.

We continue to goal post each and every time. We pass one milestone or accomplishment and we instant look for the next. And we don't even take the time to look back and admire what they've done. We don't even pay attention at what some of these devs are actually accomplishing.

The Order 1886: Admire the graphical prowess.

Titanfall: a game ran entirely in the cloud.

The Witcher 3: A gigantic sandbox with top notch characters models, top notch graphics on top of that, along with great gameplay.

TW3 is absolutely not something GTA 5, Skyrim or Dragon Age has accomplished and ONLY done on these machines.

Does it look as good as the reveal, not quite but damn CD Red out did themselves and this is finally the power of the 8th gen machines.

Wii_nes_007923d ago

AC Unity can't even handle its OWN ENGINE, hence all of its problems still. Bad argument bro.

Braid923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

It can, Wii. It's just not a graphics engine that's specifically designed (or optimized if you will) for gaming consoles, hence the reason why it looks better than any other next-gen game except The Order, but it comes with a price: you can't go budget gamer on it- thus its performance on PS4/XBO disappoints. Grab a GTX 970-980 and play the game on it, and the game becomes as fluid as the running water. You see, the engine is not broken, it's just demanding as they didn't tone it down this time around like they had to do with Watch_Dogs.

mogwaii923d ago

So you've played it have you?

Obz923d ago

"Titanfall: a game ran entirely on the cloud"


I support population reduction now.

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NuggetsOfGod924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

Downgrades just make sure if can hit 30fps on console.

Apus will hold back open world game progress this gen. Weak ass cpus.

Also why the hell does xbox one version look close to pc version?

Seems cdpr got a offer they couldn't refuse from Microsoft.

Nekroo91923d ago

Except CD Project said in 2014 no pc was able to run at ultra settings.

You have no idea how demanding it is to run 3d vegetation+lightning+draw distance in a world bigger than skyrim with NO LOADING times.

Wait 4 or 5 years for the next game and youll get that

HammadTheBeast923d ago

I guarantee you that unless you have a beastly setup with at least a 980, you won't be able to run this at 1080 60fps on Ultra.

Magicite924d ago

Consoles are struggling at delivering op open-world games front and its mainly due to lack of solid CPU, but its still much better than lets say Dragons Dogma on previous gen, which was a technical mess.

joab777924d ago

I honestly don't care. This game is gonna be amazing.

And the thing is this. Do we think they downgraded b/c they wanted to or b/c they had to? And do we think their original aim should have been the stars or just...whatever.

Now, I have a problem when it ALSO has issues with gameplay, launch bugs, dlc, etc. etc.

But if a game gives us 100+ hrs in amzingingly beautiful world with an engaging choice filled story, and the graphics aren't quite what inly the latest pc graphics card could handle...I DON'T CARE.

someOnecalled923d ago

Well they did boost how every version looks exactly the same. So if they note that there's not much difference between xbone and PC that tells you something . its kinda sad when devs put PC tech on the back burner or completely gimp it ( looking at you ubisoft) . damn there goes another PC devs lost to the money. At least they kept to the other things we expect hopefully they don't go down the road like the rest of them. Look at dice, crytek

jc12923d ago

Its pretty sad Devs and publishers resort to this trickery nonsense.

The same thing is happening with the Division and the new Rainbow Six...

gapecanpie923d ago

Any pc game that get ported to consoles get heavily downgraded.... The Witcher 3 and Project Cars ... Console always holding pc back!

someOnecalled923d ago

And PC are moving to stacked memory this year . it going to be multiple times as powerful compare to GPUs today. Afforded 4k gaming is around the corner and I'm sure amd and nvidia have some new gfx tech that take advantage of these new GPUs. But how things going I wonder if it get used to its potential.

Bathyj923d ago

Sucks for PC gamers, but the trade off is consoles help keep the industry thriving.

AndrewLB923d ago

Instead of instantly taking those images as the gospel, try reading CDPR's site. It's been clearly noted on their forums that the many of the "new" shots here are actually taken from a PS4 build running sub-1080p resolution which explains the lack of HBAO+, POM instead of Tessellation, etc.

Additionally, look how huge of a difference nVidia Gameworks features like that make. This can easily account for much of what we're seeing here.

starchild923d ago

Good observations. I really wish there wasn't such a herd mentality among a lot of people. It seems not very many people independently verify things for themselves, or if they do they don't want to speak up against the majority.

wegetsignalx917d ago

The PS4 version of Witcher 3 runs at 1080p. Stop lying about sub-1080p, that is what the Xbox version runs at.

holin4923d ago

i think its pathetic...
if gaming industries have come to the need of lying to gamers...

OF COURSE THIS GAMES IS AWESOME AND ILL PLAY IT and MOSTLY wont care for this downgrade, but anyway...

HmongAmerican923d ago

Nope, we can't let them get away with this. Let's send them a message to stop showing early build just to delay it later because of hardware limitation or bugs. In this case graphics downgraded.

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lifeisgamesok924d ago

It still looks impeccable so a little downgrade didn't hurt it IMO

strauser360923d ago

It looks much worse than the initial reveal. Was the initial reveal even gameplay? At this point why should gamers even care about games until after they come out.

starchild923d ago

Big downgrade? No way. It looks very similar to how it looked before.

TheHaloGuy924d ago

Omg this crap again?? What about all the other downgrades that happen with games?! If ur console can't handle what u want, go pc or get over it you'll forget about it after 30 secs of play.

Ghost_of_Tsushima924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

You do understand that The Witcher 3 on PC with ultra settings still looks noticeably worse than the 2013 trailer?

They shouldn't show anything off if it's not at least close to how it will look in the first place. They should show the console and PC versions separately so everyone can see what it looks like on their preferred platform.

Nero2142924d ago

idd, 2013- ultra and now it looks like on very low settings. Ofc ppl will get upsted if they see comparisions like this , what ''could be ''. I would like to be clueless tho ;<
I wonder how they are doing those first reveal trailers anyway , pc with quad sli top gpu ? or mb rendering whole video in post production . Its like ''he lets make the best looking game we can make '' and then ''ok ppl trailer was made now cut this thing to pieces and build me a new version that could actually run on consoles'' >.>

TheHaloGuy923d ago

Yes they shouldn't but they DO. I'm just curious why people have selective memories and don't criticize EVERY dev/ pub that does this. It's hipocritical.

xTheMercenary_924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

I don't understand why you got disagrees. The picture below, i think was either art or in-engine. I'm leaning more towards in-engine though. If people thought this was in game they're nuts.

Vegamyster924d ago

It was a part of their debut gameplay trailer:

xTheMercenary_924d ago

@Vegamyster although it was in the bebut gameplay trailer. I highly doubt it was in game, more like in-engine in my opinion, it looked too good to be true.

Vegamyster923d ago

Then they shouldn't have called it gameplay if it was a in-engine trailer, you'd assume when they call it gameplay the game would at least look similar.

xTheMercenary_923d ago

@Vegamyster definitely, but don't be tricked by developers, they can be sneaky with these trailers.

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NoDucks923d ago

Yeah I thought everyone would have known this. It was 2 years before release, of course it wasn't in game. Just well rendered planned out happenings of what they wanted it to look like.

gameslayer2411924d ago

I will wait for a full ultra settings pc comparison before I start screaming downgrade. But of course things are gonna change and be different did anybody expect anything different?

gameslayer2411924d ago

after looking at the comparisons I'm quite shocked honestly, I imagine though that once we get official Digital Foundry comparisons things will paint a different story :D