Forbes E3 Log: PlayStation Woes

Forbes Writes: "Jack Tretton knows the PlayStation family faces some challenges these days.

The Sony division is facing new competition from Apple, it has a high-priced videogame system in a rough economy, and it's in a fierce fight with Microsoft and Nintendo. But Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, is optimistic about the future--and realistic about the present.

At $399, the PlayStation 3 costs a lot--though less than the $499 it did last week--but it's still the most expensive flagship system on the market. Microsoft's Xbox 360 is $100 cheaper, and Nintendo's Wii retails for just $249--when you can find it on store shelves, that is.

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Vojkan3774d ago

just look at last month NPD, system sells, games are what matters. And stop this bs talk about bad economy, have been hearing that crap for years, and every year there are new records smashed and set in game biz

PooPooPlatter3774d ago

PSP is kicking ass in sales

PS2 is neck and neck with the 360 despite being seven years old

PS3 is crushing the 360 in all three major console regions

PS3 is only around 4-4.5 million behind the 360 in worldwide installed base and is on track to kick the 360 down to last place around the start of 2009

BluRay wiped HD-DVD right out of the market

But the 400 dollar gaming and media powerhouse PS3 isn't selling as much as the Wii.

Poor Sony...LOL...

BIoodmask3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I'll add this to the list of your other 99 accounts. Soon you will have this one to 9 bubbles also like your QueefyB account.

CViper3774d ago

You don't say anything when you respond to TheMart/POG nonsense.

beoulve3774d ago

CViper, he must protect his fella comrades of course.

zypher3774d ago

360 has a larger install base than the PS3, but it does not outsell the PS3. its comical how so many still flock to this delusion. to my knowledge Sony didn't start touting their "10-year cycle" plan until the introduction of the PS3; thats a far cry from the "years" this article purports. still, what does introducing new hardware have to do with previous hardware? Sony supported the PS1 for seven years, and is currently supporting the PS2 into its ninth year. if anything the evidence supports their claims of a 10-year life for the PS3. just a few of the things this article got wrong.

Expy3774d ago

Sony's doing better worldwide than Microsoft... Forbes' article only applies to the U.S. and even that trend is starting to fade away.

beoulve3774d ago

DOOM!!!!!!!!! it's all doom!!! yet PS3 still sales still improving every month...

Playstation Man3774d ago

And outsells X360 2:1 in NA this month. DOOM!

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