Chucky Hits Kickstarter. Child's Play Game Another Case of Copyright Infringement

Amanda French writes: "This dubious Kickstarter campaign for the Child's Play franchise was launched recently by one Donna Howland. In their bio they write that they are a game developer who is inspired by "games PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, etc play" and whose experience comprises "mostly [...] MMO or Maze games like the games I have created before like Pirate Diamond or the alpha version of it Diamond Pirate." The campaign page is short, with the core of its sales pitch outlined by a run-on sentence that basically states how the would-be game developer was inspired to make a game for this classic slasher horror franchise after watching the movies. They make certain to assure backers that they would make a demo as quickly as they can, which is why they are only asking for £125. So far they have £1 pledged, likely by someone as a gag."

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Jason_Plays_PC1228d ago

Would be awesome to play as chucky just imagine it lmao.

deathtok1228d ago

How about a new Clock Tower game instead?

Sarobi1228d ago

$189 goal? Lol yeah that'll cover the cost of a game alright. This is such a blatant scam.

KryptoniteTail1227d ago

I support any Kickstarter 100% but not ones where they don't have the appropriate rights to produce entertainment media.

bondsmx1227d ago

Would be cool if it was legit, and they actually put together a decent game. I'd buy it as long as reviews we're 5/10 or better, just for fun.