Gears of War Xbox One Release Rated in Brazil, Titled "Ultimate Edition"

GearNuke: "The upcoming Gears of War remaster might be the Ultimate Edition based on this rating."

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Fro_xoxo926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Rev your chainsaws!

I suppose we'll find out at E3. :)

make my year with a release date!

Gameplay footage?
Exact Release date?

Transistor926d ago

What's to find out? It's Gears of War and it releases in 2015.

This and the 1TB Xbox are E3 leaks.

Bigpappy926d ago

Would really call this a leak. This has been speculated all over the place. This will sell more X1's than a silly hard-dive size increase for sure.

Transistor926d ago

They're leaks. It's OK, it's not like this is all they'll have.

These are both smaller announcements for something like E3. Leaks are fine as long as they're not the big ones, in my opinion.

christocolus926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

I'll be picking this up day one.I was hoping for the collection,still excited though and i hope they include the mp features and extras from Gears 2 and 3.

TheHaloGuy925d ago

I don't want a Halo 2 anniversary scandal. I DON'T want the Retro/Sawd in Gears 1. I liked Gears 3 but let's keep it in Gears 3. No reason to muddy people's nostalgia by messing with the originals sandbox.

bleedsoe9mm926d ago

maybe one of those E3 " and you can buy it right now" things

TheHaloGuy925d ago

Best. Idea. Ever. I hope they are here right now reading your idea. Bubble 4 u lad.

TheCommentator926d ago

I find it strange that the leak came out of Brazil. Still, if it's true, it'll be sweet news.

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Letthewookiewin926d ago

I'm interested in how much this will end up costing. I wouldn't mind playing through it again. I do wish 2 & 3 were announced, those are the ones I really need to play again.

WeAreLegion926d ago

I sincerely hope it's the trilogy.

xx4xx926d ago

I hope it's the original remastered. The DLC hopefully would be the multiplayer maps from the other remaining games.

Kal0psia926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Yeah most likely but I doubt it's a DLC. I think it'll have the core game being original GoW campaign, but multiplayer will grasp featuers that made each iteration of GoW unique, like horde mode, etc.

Halo2ODST2926d ago

I hope they release it when it's ready, not rushed

TheHaloGuy925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

Can definitely agree with that. I don't want what happened to MCC and it's population to happen to Gears Remastered as well. You hear that Microsoft?! Catch more flies with awesome than crap. Not literally... just don't feckin rush it!

GenuineGamer926d ago

Awesome. Also keen for that Dishonored Definitive Edition :D

BoriboyShoGUN926d ago

Man Gears 1 remastered with no host advantage would be one sick game. I personally felt that the series got worse over time, but the original was awesome!!!

Bigpappy926d ago

I want to play Gears 2 more because I love the Bow. Would love to play them all in online Co-op consecutively. So here is hoping the have the full collection right after 3.

Lennoxb63926d ago

You're tripping if you think this series got worse over time. They've only had one bad game out of four. Plus, Gears 1 may be a good game. But Gears 3 completely stomps all over it when it comes to gameplay, speed, connectivity, etc.

BoriboyShoGUN926d ago

I never felt the balancing was right in Gears 3. When I first played the beta I thought wow this is insane!!! But when the game came out after every update it just felt worse and worse. Then they pulled that BS about having to pay for maps or go back to hosted lobbies like WTF?? They lost me 4ever at that point :(

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