Do We Really Need More of The Last of Us?

Hardcore Gamer: Naughty Dog has already confirmed that they had set a sequel to The Last of Us on ice" to focus on the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, but should they bother at all?

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ArchangelMike929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Yes we do. The gaming industry needs more of The Last of Us.

If we get Assassins Creed and Call of Duty every single year, why should we not get The Last of Us once every 3 or so years?

The point being, we need more than just First Person Shooters, Sports games, and RPGs etc. The gaming industry needs these sort of games, but also the game developers that push beyond the boundaries of the tired old gaming tropes. That was what Naughty Dog were able to accomplish with The Last of Us. We might not need a sequel to The Last of Us, but we need devs like Naught Dog to continue bringing the magic.

DarkOcelet929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Naughty Dog should really make a sci-fi open world RPG game. Nuff said.

AudioEppa929d ago

No.. no they don't.

I hope they continue making third person action adventure games because this industry needs more of them badly, last gen was pathetic.

Rimeskeem929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Naughty Dog makes things they are passionate about. That's what I love about them. They don't make games just for the money, they make them because they love to.

Yes, other studios do this as well but I never see them really state it as much as Naughty Dog.

Aloy-Boyfriend929d ago

The article is about "More content for the game," not "More games like TLOU."

This industry need variety, not games being alike.

Now finally on topic: More is never a bad thing thing. I think ND has set a good post apocalyptic world where many stories can be told. I'd like a DLC featuring Ish and his partner. And a sequel featuring Ellie all grown up or any new characters

oasdada929d ago

Im not into that much of open world games but i would really love to see the last of us sequel as a sandbox game

joab777929d ago

We need more IP'S like The Last of Us. I say let it stand. We don't need a TLoU2.

Take the ideas and make something new. The ND name itself will make us take notice. I'd rather see more of the same quality, as opposed to doing it again.

Dirtnapstor929d ago

I could go for a sequel most definitely. I wouldn't be opposed to having a different set of characters for the sequel, a few years or so after the first one took place...or a parallel story.
TLOU is rich. We need more from it.

Lord_Sloth928d ago

Sequel to Ellie and Joel? No.

Sequel set in the same world? Yes.

Jalva929d ago

The Last of Us isn't exactly the kind of game that needs a sequel, however it definitely deserves one.

Pennywise138928d ago

No! Not every game needs a sequel and unless the last of us can nail it 110% it could take away from how powerful the original story is on its own. Let the story stand on its own and focus on another great new IP.

SpinalRemains138928d ago

Nice handle.

I'd love a new adventure within the universe.

Zero-One928d ago

If you're really that sick of the industry and the fact that people like these "tired old gaming tropes" like your some jaded old fart, why are you even here anymore. You don't control what people do.

UKmilitia928d ago

the best game i have ever played period.
story,characters,setting was nailed to perfection.

it felt real and no toehr game has given me the emotions TLOS gave me.

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user7402931929d ago

naughty dog needs to do what naughty dog does and not take advice from people, naughty dog fans arent naughty dog, naughty dog are naughty dog, and they have fans because of it.

Aloy-Boyfriend929d ago

Too much dog in this comment

lovestospoodge929d ago

"Naughty Dog doesn't do what Naughty Dog does for Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog does what Naughty Dog does because Naughty Dog IS...Naughty Dog."

-Naughty Dog

ginsunuva928d ago

Yo dawg. I heard you like dogs.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen929d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing what happened to Joel and Tommy in the years shortly after the outbreak. A story that follows Joel and Ellie would be interesting too. For now, i'll leave all of that to Druckman, because his work on TLOU was exceptional.

spicelicka929d ago

Well why not?? We get countless sequels on every other game. If not Last of Us then at least something very similar. I liked Last of Us a lot more than Uncharted actually.

joab777929d ago

So let it be different and stand as a one time deal. Take the talent and ideas and do something else.

The problem is always this. All the previous work is done. So it's easier to make a sequel and make money. I'm not saying it won't be great, or that there havnt been world's that NEED sequels, bit this isn't one. It's perfect how it is.

spicelicka928d ago

Well I agree with that, which is why I said they should at least make something very similar. You also have to consider that they have a winning formula with this game. The survival horror mixed with strategic gameplay and brilliant story, people want more so why should they just not make more? They don't have to make a direct sequel but they should definitely reuse the formula.

ginsunuva928d ago

Just because someone went and murdered some franchise doesn't mean everyone should do the same for theirs.

sashimi929d ago

Whats the point of asking? the fans have spoken and it is likely in the works already anyway since the demand is there.

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