Why There's An Xbox One Game Stuck To My Ceiling

I can explain.

So I was playing something or another on Steam last night while sitting in my office watching the children, who were in an entirely different room but that’s besides the point. As I was playing—I believe it was that new cyberpunk game Dex—I leaned back in my chair and happened to spot a spider the size of a small Volkswagen on the ceiling directly over my head.

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Geobros923d ago

LOL!!! I love spiders as they are killing more annoying insects.

just_looken923d ago

Am i the only one that find it ironic the spider died by a game about plant's killing each other? the vary same plants that spiders use to make web's off of and hide from us.

Subaruwrx923d ago

@Geobros - yes, spiders are our friends. Just stay away from Black Widows and, if you're in Australia, Red Backs and Funnel Webs.

Khajiit86922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

Stay away from Australia. They dont have spiders they only have monster spiders there.

Doge923d ago

Kotaku never cease to amaze me with their articles.

BrandanT923d ago

This is just amazing. 10/10

Jalva923d ago

Meanwhile if it were a PS4 game, "Who approved this garbage? Why isn't Kotaku banned from this site yet?".

If N4G has taught me anything it's that humor is only considered humor if it correlates with a fanboy's biased agenda, if it doesn't it's considered trolling.

Ghost_of_Tsushima923d ago

Don't worry I have to deal with grass spiders all the time. Those big hideous long legged formula 1 speed spiders! Even the cat has trouble catching them.

On topic: This article was to funny. Loved it.

MasterCornholio923d ago

Well at least its just the case.


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The story is too old to be commented.