2015: The Return of the Platformer

Hardcore Gamer: If game developers know what’s good for business and their over-sized wallets, it is advised that they start to prepare to expand their company into this genre and bring future platforming classics

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Relientk771169d ago

We need Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot back

MrSec841169d ago

A new Crash and Spyro would be cool, but Sony would have to either buy back those franchises or pay to use the IPs.
They may have just the right amount of sway with their 3rd party dominance and awesome sales of Destiny to get Activision to agree to something.

On a side not, I'm so happy Ratchet & Clank is coming back this year.
That should help satiate my Platformer needs when it finally drops later this year.

mikeslemonade1169d ago

Ratchet is almost a C-tier platformer. It's loosely a third person shooter since the platforming is too easy.

TWB1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Though did you hear that Activision was actually at some point (like a few years ago) trying to reboot both series again with some leaked concept art and one screenshot/asset picture (looked fine) being released. Sadly they scrapped the games...

Spyros concept art reminded me about a couple of levels in Year of the Dragon, they could have been great.

EDIT: heres one website that talks about the games

Sigh, I must agree at some degree but TBH, most 3D platformers are like you like to say "C tier". At least Ratchet and Clank games are very fun gameplay wise even if they arent the best or most engaging platformers.

I do want more 3D platformers though...

MrSec841168d ago

@mikeslemonade: There really aren't any pure platformers anymore, they all tend to add other things in, besides just jumping from level to level.

Platforming too easy? Platforming was never really difficult in pretty much all platform games, it's about the fun, which Ratchet & Clank has in droves.

R&C is just as challenging as the next game, it's an awesomely fun series!

Summons751169d ago

We do but sadly Activision can't understand gaming and I'd much rather Spyro be a cherished memory then the abomination they tried to pass off as Spyro in Skylanders, same with Banjo and Nuts and Bolts, and I never experienced a Crash game after CTR so not sure how those fared but clearly not well if Activision left it to die.

-Foxtrot1169d ago

If by some god damn miracle Sony does have Crash back then this would be the perfect time to announce his new game

Relientk771169d ago

If Sony announces a new Crash at E3, they win

Thatguy-3101169d ago

I really hope they do. They're just dragging the announcement because if they didn't have him back then why would they show the Playstation symbol aiming at the bandicoot sign on that one PS4 trailer. The message is so specific for it to be just a coincidence.

-Foxtrot1169d ago

Yeah that's what bugs me the most...that symbol in the trailer. It can't just be "Yeah it's a reference to an IP we USED to have on our system".

Bin (Actvision)
Silhouette of Crash
Arrow pointing UP...not DOWN to say he went there
Yellow Diamond which represents old SCEE/SCEA logo

I mean come on, if you just wanted to say how Crash was a PS icon for the trailer then they would have just put the silhouette on the lamp post or even the silhouette with an arrow pointing down to the bin ...but they didn't.

Then you have the fact Activison haven't used the IP in years, since October 2008...SEVEN YEARS AGO. With no game in sight.

It must of been put there for a reason.

Erik73571169d ago

I'm pretty happy with modern day platformers like Uncharted and The Last of us.

Xof1169d ago

While I agree that those games are modern platformers, I feel that the basic appeal of platforming is not so much traversal as exploration. And while traversal mechanics in modern platformers are pretty fun, the actual exploration elements are SEVERELY lacking.

TBH the only modern platformers that come close to where I think the genre should be going are the two Ratchet & Clank Future games.

But I have high hopes that the next 3D Mario will embrace a more open design philosophy.

talitundie251169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

"The Last of us" is this dickhead serious? O.o
Perhaps uncharted could squeeze in there, but not The last of us

Max-Zorin1169d ago

Last of Us is survival, not platformer.

Erik73571169d ago

Yes it is, just like how Halo is a platformer.

ninsigma1169d ago

Seems that way and I love it!! I've been dying for some platformers akin to jak and daxter etc. Knack was a great platformer to start with to bring back those platforming memories. Ori and the blind forest took it to another level, just such an incredible game!!
This yooka-laylee could be cool :)
I'm happy with the incresed number of platformers :D

ZainreFang1169d ago

They're too "kiddy" though. People "grew" out of them.

Kurisu1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

You're never too old for Crash Bandicoot :D And it's not like adults are the only target audience of the PS4. Diversity is key.

Applejack1169d ago

I've been waiting for a another great Crash game for years! Trust me, fans did not grow out of them...

N0TaB0T1169d ago

You have quite a boring view on games. You must think those Pay-To-Win WW2 shooters are "deep".

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