Star Wars: Battlefront Devs Talk About Development, Playtesting and Negative Media Spin

The reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront has created quite a stir in the community, and today Producer Jesper Nielsen gave some more information concerning development and playtesting.

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-Foxtrot1289d ago

LOL...negative spin

I think some sites have been in your favour, it's the type of game sites will want to try and make positive.

The reason it's negative is because the more they talk the more disappointing the game sounds. There's no spinning, it's taken from what they've said in interviews.

Even if there was some "negative spin" I don't see Dennis telling us they are wrong

3-4-51288d ago

Incidentally, he also expressed his displeasure about how the gaming media often tries to spin things negatively.

We announce: “We have a partner system!” – Gaming media: “They removed Squads!”

— Dennis Brännvall (@DICE_FireWall) May 9, 2015

We announce “You can both hip fire and use scopes in our game!” – Gaming media: “They removed ADS!”

— Dennis Brännvall (@DICE_FireWall) May 9, 2015

We announce “We have Missions, play offline with bots!” – Gaming media: “They removed the campaign!”

— Dennis Brännvall (@DICE_FireWall) May 9, 2015

Pretty spot on.

Glad he called them out.

hay1288d ago

Well, it's all a matter of perspective. Someone who sells the product needs to use affirmative sentences. We have this, we made this in order to make the game feel less lacking than it really is. Gaming journalists come from different direction, they see this as Battlefront and speak relatively to what the series has offered and what won't.

I think DICE have put a negative spin on relative perception of the fanbase. It's not a fresh start, everyone wants a sequel, and they are fighting as they can in order to make an illusion this is a sequel.

IMO, Battlefront is butchered and that's why they're trying to doublespin it around.

RegorL1288d ago

@hay "We have this, we made this in order to make the game feel less lacking than it really is. Gaming journalists come from different direction, they see this as Battlefront and speak relatively to what the series has offered and what won't."

A lot of gaming journalists have not cared to find out facts before ranting. (You got to publish first!)

"This game has no single player campaign, it won't be playable when not on line."

Is that statement true? No.
How does the actual offer of the game compare to the original Battlefront? Do the writers even remember? Care to find out?

It is very popular to interpret everything EA says negatively while others get a free pass when saying the same thing (and doing worse).

eliyah901289d ago

Love those tweets, they are spot on and pretty much sums up the click-baiting media we have these days. Most rants from 'journalists' are based on thin air, they hear one thing and instantly assume something else.

eliyah901289d ago

Pretty much sums it up, it amazes me how people already hate the game when they never even saw gameplay yet. Funny thing is, people are complaining about remasters of old games. But if this game were an exact copy of Battlefront 3 with new graphics the same pessimists would've complained the game isn't innovating enough.

I'm for one glad we are finally getting a new worthy SW game, everything DICE has shown us is pointing in the good direction. I wouldn't compare this game to it's 'predecessors' either, because they aren't. And if this game didn't carry the name 'Battlefront' people would've complained the game wasn't titled 'Battlefront'.

There will always be a vocal minority complaining, too bad the media is too eager to insinuate the flames at every chance they get. I hope DICE just ignores those people in this case.

TheBurger291289d ago

Instead of innovating they are stripping it down and giving us less. But of course the graphics are going to be soooo great! Just look at all the bull shots that could never ever ever be playable on the consoles yet they says its whats running on a ps4 build.

-Foxtrot1289d ago

Why would you actually need to see it when they've said how it's going to play. What they've described are things found in typical multiplayer games which have followed the same, boring strcuture for years.

We probably know how it's going to be like. If we were talking about graphics fine since we would actually need to see gameplay but I think we all have a rough idea of what the game will play like judging by their comments.

DERKADER1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I could tell you how to drive a car and you would know what to expect but until you actually try it you're just going off of someone else's perceptions. Unfortunate that's all we have at the moment. Let's hold off extreme judgment until we actually see the game running and have a clearer picture of the situation.

eliyah901289d ago

You don't know jacksh*t about the game and you have never seen it in person.Quit complaining like self entitled bitch. Wait until they actually release the game then you can judge it.And if you can't then you sorry piece sh%t thats not worth the space. This conversation is over.

annoyedgamer1288d ago

Considering EA's track record we have every right to be skeptical.

And what on earth compels you to attack others who have differing opinions and who put value in their hard earned money?

rezzah1288d ago

The announcements they made will not appeal to everyone, and because of this some will be sceptical about the "feel" of this Battlefront game.

You should try to keep your emotions in check, - bubble for bad language.

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