Rumor: 1 Terabyte Xbox One coming during E3?

A listing on a Spanish retailer website may suggest that a 1 TB Xbox One announcement may be in the works.

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Nawert1232d ago

You do realize we already had one as a bundle, right?

mnitroy1232d ago

Yes, it does mention in there that the Call of Duty one was a limited edition bundle. This appears to possibly be a standalone one!

Nawert1232d ago

Ah my mistake. The RRP equates to $499 if I google'd math correctly.

BattleAxe1232d ago

That was one of the reasons that I bought an Xbox One in November, other than the fact that the Call of Duty Limited Edition console just looks frick'n sweet :)

Moldiver1232d ago

"Yes, it does mention in there that the Call of Duty one was a limited edition bundle."

I got this bundle at xmas. Love it! :)

Moldiver1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

"mikeslemonade + 9h ago
1TB isn't necessary"

Oh but it is...I already have a 4TB external drive attached to mine. I am already 56% of the way through the 1TB inside the console. Havent touched the 4TB yet but I think I will actually need to start putting things on it in the the next 12 months with all the games that are coming along with any DLC. Im glad I went with my 1tb. My friends were warning me that the 500GB would fill up quick. Plus I cant be bothered to re-download stuff. I just want to access my games there and then.

I dont really play the COD:AW that came with it much (outside of campaign and the odd MP match)but I dont need to delete it because I have so much space.

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DanzoSAMA1232d ago

HALO 5 1TB bundle 399$

no doubt

christocolus1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

I have a feeling we will be seeing the redesigned xbox one at E3.If a 1tb Halo 5 xbox one slim bundle is announced then i'll buy another xbox one for sure.

GearSkiN1232d ago

Yup it's comin even told my friend this year that I GARANTEE there will be a halo 5 console,so he can buy my old one.

Bigpappy1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Bigger hard-drives aren't going to do much to push sales of X1's. There are many options to help you live with a 500G X1. Its going to take spectacular software and unique attractive features help attract more on-the-fence gamers to X1.

marlinfan101232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Lol who cares? It's a welcomed addition. I think any future xbox owners would be happy rather than worrying about whether it'll improve sales or not

BattleAxe1232d ago

You mean attractive features like streaming Xbox One games to your PC and giving developers the tools to build games that play across the Xbox One and PC platforms?

Bigpappy1232d ago

@marlinfan10: I didn't say 1Tb drive isn't better than 500Gb, but I would rather spend the extra $'s on a bigger, faster external. When I mention sales, I am thinking why would M$ want to do this. They would only do it f they think it is something that would increase market share. They had 1Tb X1's before at a bit higher price and that wasn't that big of a draw.

@BattleAxe: Yes, that and the release of Gears remake at midnight after E3 for immediate download along with the release of windows 10 with Dx12 would do wonders. Games being patched for DX12 with better performance the rest of the year would be sweet too. But I will have to wait for E3 to see what M$ is able to do. None of this is my prediction. I don't have one.

Eddie201011232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Hard drive size increased on the last gen consoles, wasn't really big news that I could remember. If your not interested in the console to begin with I doubt hard drive size would change any ones mind.

Just a better option for someone interested and willing to pay the extra cash.


Nothing keeping Sony from streaming PS4 games to PC, tablet, cell phone. I am pretty sure it's in the works. They did hire more people to work on streaming services. As for the developer tools thing, doesn't really matter when more games are being sold for PS4 than either Xbox One or PC. Xbox consoleshave always used Directx, the development for Xbox consoles and PC's have always been simular

krypt19831232d ago

you are terrible wrong two game called halo 5 and gears will move consoles significantly, the console has been selling because of software as of now...

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GenuineGamer1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )


"1TB isn't necessary"

Hahahahahaha u serious? lol cmon now we all know from your past comments which way you swing in this 'console war' but damn, really?

BOTH consoles should have had 1tb at launch. 500gb or more like the 362 odd gigs that was free ran out VERY fast for me.

500gb is way too small for a gen filled with 25-50gb + sized games. And more to the point, why did these next generation consoles launch with the same storage capacity as their outgoing old gen versions?

I was expecting more than 500gb before these new consoles were announced.

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Transistor1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Yea, I think this is a definite possibility, more so than a slim or what not.

I think they should release a white console that's not limited edition like the SO one was.

Walker1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

The real question is do we really need a one TB HDD ? of course not

DarkOcelet1232d ago

Um yes we do. 500gb is not enough at all.

22CobraKing1232d ago

Depends if it's $400 it could be a deal, but anything higher nope. Anyways who cares if it only has 500gb you can buy some cheap external hard drives that are 1tb.

d_g1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

yeah i doubt 500gb is these days games have a big size

Batman Arkham Knight 50gb

GTA V 50gb

Halo: The Master Chief Collection 59gb with Day One Patch 20GB

Battlefield™ Hardline 45gb

sloth33951232d ago

I think he is saying that since you can connect an external hard drive to the system

EazyC1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

With the constant 5+GB updates (I assume it's the same as PS4) yes they bloody well do.

rashada071232d ago

When you can't easily upgrade the drive yourself- yes they should put a 1TB in there at least.

One-Shot1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Comment backfire.

Um yeah we do. I upgraded my PS4 day 1 to 1TB and was the best decision I could make.

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ScorpiusX1232d ago

I knew it ,that the redesign of sorts would be a TB harddrive.
That whole console redesign is for holiday 2016.
You watch mark my words I have seen it .

MrCherry1232d ago

Thiy got this already in the works, thiy set down months if not years ahead of this and try to make a game plane on how to come out with it with out sony or nintendo comeing out with thir big ideas to hurt thim, its all about the $$$$$$$.

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