The Actors Behind The Voices In Batman: Arkham Knight

Warner Bros released a video a couple of days ago, showing the actors behind some of the characters in Batman: Arkham Knight, whilst the video was enjoyable, it was somewhat lacking in terms of content.
So GregoryRasputin created this article to showcase the great actors in the game and some of the awesome animations and games they have featured in.

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rezzah1286d ago

After learning who the voice actors where for Gordon and Scare crow my hype grew, but I won't allow it to look pass the season pass lol.

GregoryRasputin1286d ago

Publishers need to stop being so crazy with DLC and Season Pass's, games were more fun when you had to beat the game to get an extra character or costume, they were more of a challenge.

Hold_It1286d ago

Can you have a video called "Behind the *ssholes" so we can see the people who are cutting the in game content to make a DLC Pass?