Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U Outsells First Xenoblade Despite Enormous Difference in Install Base

Some were disappointed by seeing Xenoblade Chronicles X place only third in the Media Create software chart, but comparing its debut week sales with historical data reveals that everyone’s darling mecha JRPG did not underperform. Quite the opposite, actually.

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Geobros1316d ago

Interesting analysis here. Personally I wouldn't be disappointed if I haven't seen Puzzle Dragons Mario in first place with so many sales. It was a game not so anticipated as Xenoblade for Japan in the Most wanted Famitsu list.

Abriael1316d ago

Gotta consider that Pazudora is massively popular in Japan. I was actually very surprised it didn't sell more.

3-4-51316d ago

3.7% of Wii U users bought Xenoblade X vs .08% of Wii users.

Many things factor into it, but it sold a respectable amount for an RPG.

People would be surprised by the sales numbers of some of their favorite games.

pcz1316d ago

all it proves is that its only the actual nintendo fans that are buying xenoblade.

wii had a massive user base but the majority of those wiis were in elderly peoples nursing homes and womens closets. ie not the type of users who would buy xenoblade.

Concertoine1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Xenoblade made a big name for itself since 2010. I predict the same thing WW. The original had a limited release in the west but it still sold almost 1 million, the sequel has the potential to do even better.

Famitsu's readers have historically been an inconsistent source of the rest of japan's gamers. They can have a game on the bottom of the list or the top of the list that performs completely differently on the market.

Abriael1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Yeah Famitsu readers are also much more inclined towards core games and home console games than casual games and portable consoles.

Famitsu itself pretty much always hypes home console games a lot more than portables.

NoctisPendragon1316d ago

I may be wrong but i think more than 50% are former XC fans so now monolith soft know they will always hit those kind of sales at the very least .

wonderfulmonkeyman1316d ago

Even if there's truth to that, it's because Monolith earned the trust needed to make sales happen. Which is certainly more than can be said for a lot of other devs that tried and failed to make games sell on Nintendo's consoles.
Fanbase trust is paramount to making a reputation to launch long term success off of.

Summons751316d ago

But, but. WiiU is haz no gaems, no one owns one, Nintendo still lives in the 90s...

Anyway, great news for Nintendo and Monolith. This is only Japan too, wait until they eventually release it to the rest of the world!

_-EDMIX-_1316d ago

It doesn't.....which ironically is why this game is selling as much as it is. Wii had a LOTS of games, Wii U...not so much. Wii U's install base are buying this game like crazy.....they don't have a HUGE selection like before on Wii soooooo.

benji1011316d ago

Im trying to count past 5 games that are on PS4 that I cant get for a better price with better graphics on my PC. I have 14 Wii u games that are all really good that will never be on my PC.

wonderfulmonkeyman1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

It's selling well because it's a great game that people want, and because Monolith Soft forged a good reputation with the Nintendo crowd, through hard work with their exclusives.
Which is more than can be said for other developers and their multiplats.

The Wii U's selection is plenty full of great quality games for anyone with an open mind and wide tastes.

The lack of all those dark, gritty, realistic, "mature" multiplats, is NOT why this game is selling decently.

_-EDMIX-_1315d ago

@Benji101- The exclusive PS4 titles are not found on PC, thus can't really be compared. The multiplats that are on PC by default will be better, but not to a huge degree, the beginning of gens we tend to get more games on fair footing to PC counter parts.

You have Wii U games that won't be on PC....PS4 has games that won't be on PC.... and XONE to lessor.

YOUR "trying" to count past 5 games...

Bloodborne, InFamous Second Son, Killzone SF, Driveclub, The Order, First light etc.


"cant get for a better price with better graphics on my PC" You likely won't get much for a "better price" as games on PC tend to say the same price for longer, where as you can buy a used console version much cheaper.


Something like AC Unity on Steam right now is $60, boxed its $26, used on PS4 $19, used on XONE $13.

Sony just like Nintendo doesn't do PC. If you have a PC that can run those next gen only titles at high settings then run your multiplats on it. ie AC Unity, Evolve, Witcher 3 etc. I don't play games just for "better graphics" lol, just like you, those games are not coming to PC, thus having a Wii U makes sense based on your likes....having a PS4 makes sense for me based on my likes as I can name more then 5 games I own on PS4 that are only on PS4 that I very much like.

Of those 14....I only want 1, Mario Kart. Then I want Xenoblade, Star Fox and Zelda....thats about it. I'm fine getting a Wii U just for those as I've gotten their last systems for way less. Sony just makes more exclusives every gen then most, we won't be seeing a second smash or second Mario kart etc. Likely a second Zelda (maybe). Its all up to taste, lol I not going around telling you I play Knack! lol.

Personal preference.

and fyi, Xenoblade X is selling well because its a great game, that has a great concept with open world and mechs and coming from an established RPG team. I'm actually just doing some horrible trolling lolz.

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Pyro2000x1316d ago

Wii U is dead think of all the HUGE or SMALL 3rd Party Multiplats the Wii U won't be getting this year this month it's The Witcher 3 lol

Summons751316d ago

Please give me an in-depth reason we need a FORTH option to buy a game on...

This multiplatform game is excuse is hilarious because People who know multiple systems already know which platform they are buying it on. One reason Nintendo is so great to have is because they have games you can't get on any other system. I don't need to go into a store and see 5 different copies of the same game. Multiplatform games are great but simply put if you have too much option then it's inevitable for one to get left behind. WiiU still has 3rd party support in exclusives or being allowed to use Nintendo IPs like Hyrule Warriors. Mass Effect 3 is an example of too many choices. You have ME3 out on 3 systems then they roll out this but by that point ME fans already have their console of choice for that series, they aren't going to budge because they have played all 3 on their preferred system. Let's say MGSV ended up on WiiU, obviously sales will be down because MGS fans have their system of choice in mind already. Most will stick to the one they've played on the longest. Too much choice and one will be left behind.

Most devs are also to stubborn to change the way they think about a video game and don't want to make any unique ways to use the gamepad. They will have to eventually because that is the way the industry is headed. Smartglass, Vita/remoteplay Ps4 all came after WiiU and could do the same thing as the gamepad. It's a fun controller and it's a shame devs don't use it. Clearly the WiiU isn't dead if Smash bros was a massive success, Amiibo's broke 10 mill already, Xenoblade is doing well, and Splatoon (that a lot of people expected to fail) is begin received really well and that's just based on an hour long demo, not to mention Shovel Knight destroyed expectations when it was released on WiiU first.

So why exactly do I need a SIXTH option for a single multiplatform game? PC, Ps4, Ps3, Xbone, 360...and the WiiU too? are you buying 6 copies of the game, I didn't think so.

jcnba281316d ago

Yeah you go have fun thinking about that while I'll be playing great games.

BrandanT1316d ago

To all those who only want to play photo-realistic open world games - go play outside.

donwel1316d ago

I play a lot of Virtual Console games on my Wii U when I'm not on Smash or Mario Kart. Nintendo definitely have my cash when it comes to nostalgia. Hell there are quite a few games on VC that I never even got around to playing the first time round.

WPX1316d ago

Someone is salty that Xenoblade X is NOT coming to his console of choice...

Segata1316d ago

I'll play Witcher 3 on my PS4 and XCX on my Wii U. I get to enjoy both.

benji1011316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Sounds great till you find out that someone could buy a pc and within 2 years be better off and have the multiplas running better, withodified graphics and never have to worry about the games not working when they upgrade their graphics.

wegetsignalx1310d ago

Console gamers don't care about building PCs. Don't be upset that the Playstation 4 is the most powerful console and that many consumers want it for that reason.

Neonridr1315d ago

Pyro - buy a second console then.. problem solved.

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