Splatoon Global Testfire Impressions and Afterthoughts

The first Splatoon Global Testfire just ended and I wanted to give some thoughts about what was playable.

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paddy951231d ago

The controls are terrible. bad motion controls or bad traditional controls. The code on the right stick is so basic. Did they even try? COD, bf etc all have this down. It almost feels digital. They need to fire their gameplay programmer as they obviously have no idea what feels good and intuitive.

Mikito111231d ago

Lol no, the controls are fine IMO

Concertoine1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

The best way to play is to use a mix of both. The motion controls work well for fine aiming, and the stick is good for navigating your character.

I loved it, but one of my gripes is there seems to not be a way to change weapons between games? Like you choose a weapon before you start, and then you have that weapon for every game until you back out. There were times where i had a great team, but they were all using the same weapon and we could've benefited from a roller or something

I think the way you can play arcade games on the gamepad in loading screens is awesome.

They probably did it to speed up time between matches. Same reason you couldn't change cart loadouts in mario kart 8 in the lobby. They should just put like a REAL fast timer to change your weapons. If i have enough time to play squid jump, i have enough time to switch weapons :P

paddy951231d ago

It felt like it was made for casual gamers. play advanced warefare or battfield 4 and then this. You may as well just give up on the shooting and use the noob roller.

Tequila_Wolf1231d ago

Yeah I'd love to see them adding the ability to switch loadouts during the match or even just an easier way to handle it rather than backing out of the lobby to choose your weapon.

AWBrawler1231d ago

the ink roller is a defensive weapon for the team's inker. it has lots of flaws and is not really meant for attack. what's nooby about that? I destroyed plenty ink rollers with snipers or just splat shooters

Tequila_Wolf1231d ago

I just spent the past hour using the Splattershot and I honestly had no problem. I thought the controls were fine for this game. I was the highest scoring person on my team for a few games and even went 12/0 for one match. I personally think it's good that they aren't trying to implement COD or BF controls.

gerbwmu1231d ago

Did you even try it? The controls are good, maybe not the way you want them but they are not bad. Motion controls were fluid and instinctual after a couple rounds and traditional controls were smooth for a basic demo / stress test.

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ninsigma1231d ago

Didn't really like the motion controls, that stuff just isn't for me. Loved the roller xD Splatter gun is pretty good too. Had fun that last hour but did lose more than I won :(

Nodoze1231d ago

Roller is way over powered. Weapon switch is needed mid round. Need to lengthen round times.

That said it is good fun. Maybe not 60.00 fun, but fun.

This should be a downloadable game for 39.

Concertoine1231d ago

I didn't have trouble with the rollers, they're almost always exposed so you can catch them off guard by hiding.

I think the amount of content coming for free pushes it to 60 for me. I would agree with 39.99 were it not for the longevity granted by that.

I also want to say i love the music in this game. It's totally unique, reminds me of Jet Grind Radio. I hope they have some more music coming as well.

Gemmol1231d ago

roller lose to all of the other guns, if you shoot from a distance the person cannot roll their way to you they will die, how do i know, I died a couple times thinking i could roll over them while they shoot me

AWBrawler1231d ago

People, the rollers are easy to snipe and splatter, just keep your distance. The rollers are designed to be a defensive weapon to cover territory. Why are people calling the roller cheap. I'll be posting more videos explaining the role of the ink roller, and how to stop it.

EliteGameKnight1231d ago

The rollers seemed rather balanced to my as well. as long as you know what your doing. For splatter guns, just stay out of their path using the squidform so they can't kill you instantly by rolling and force them to use their far weaker ranged attack by being at a different altitude.

Snipers is obvious, just snipe them from a different altitude and use your superior range.

as for rollers against rollers, it seems that an attack from behind is the best means to deal with each other, as a frontal attack will just kill each other unless you get lucky with the ranged attack

Pego1231d ago

The rollers need to be more defensive and hide in order to be effective. All the ones I encountered ran straight at me like angry bulls, easy kills. Ole!