Dishonored Set To Be Remastered, Is There Too Many Re-Releases?

''It appears that Dishonored is due to be given the ‘Remastered’ treatment.

A Brazilian site leaked the classification of DishonoredDefinitive Edition, set for release this year.''

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HaveSumNuts953d ago

Almost 2 years into the current gen and we're still getting possible remasters in the future. Dishonoured is a great game don't get me wrong but come on it's getting a bit ridiculous with the remasters. 1st party remasters are fine I guess but 3rd party remasters at this point shouldn't be happening now.

PixelGateUk953d ago

I feel like everyone who wanted to play it has already played it. The Game of the year edition dropped in price pretty damn quick, and it's constantly on Steam sales for a few quid. I'm not sure how many people would buy it purely because it runs better.

iSuperSaiyanGod953d ago

I've never played it . & I don't game on my last gens anymore

MrCrimson953d ago Show
Anorexorcist953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Not to mention the fact that it was free on PS Plus last month; I'm currently playing it and it's definitely better than Thief. I don't think I would be interested in playing it again on PS4 though.

Just give us a remaster of Dark Souls 1 and then we can call an end to this remastering trend.

Dirtnapstor953d ago

You do realize it is entirely optional to buy the remastered version. Whoever is twisting your've been duped.

953d ago
brish953d ago

"I feel like everyone who wanted to play it has already played it."

I want to play it but i haven't yet. I have the it on my shelf right now but I don't have time to play everything in my backlog.

bixxel952d ago

I finished it 12 times already. A remastered with higher resolutions doesn't interest me.ANNOUNCE DISHONORED 2 AT THIS E3! SHOW A DEMO!!!!

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lelo2play953d ago

Just what we needed, another remaster.

Instead of these developers making new games, they waste their time on remasters. This gen is infested with remasters... Unbelievable.

blackblades953d ago

The only remaster we should be getting is ps2 and ps1. Ps3 remaster needs to be done on the ps5.

ChrisW953d ago

That is a solid statement. The only remasters should be with distant past consoles' "extremely well received" games on current gen consoles... And they should be an extremely selected few with the genres being diverse.

bixxel952d ago

I'm getting tired of remasters that add nothing except higher resolutions and MOAR DLCs.
A full remake could have been better.

Transistor953d ago

Remasters are fine. We can have both remasters and new titles with out effecting new game development too much. They bring awareness to series that have new titles coming that some people never got to explore.

Contrary to popular belief, they aren't hurting development of other titles and they stop the crazy dry spots for we had for new releases last gen.

It's usually just a few people working on them over a period of a few months. Not some huge development team.

lunatic0001953d ago

I'm all for remasters but 60 bucks a pop is what I have a really big problem with...they should not cost that much especially if its just getting a slight frame rate and graphics update

someOnecalled953d ago

Gotta love no BC. its going to sell tho. We know why. If it sells does that mean people wanted BC

nitus10953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Actually no BC is one of the reasons I have not got the PS4 yet. Basically I got first editions PS2 and PS3 mainly because they were BC.

One of main reasons for getting a console with BC was the fact that I still had previous games that I was playing or had yet to play.

While it would be rare for me now to play a PS1 (all PS3's can play PS1 disks) game since the output even with smoothing on is fairly grainy although the game-play is the same. On the other hand PS2 games look fairly reasonable even on my 55" HDTV.

I will eventually get a PS4 and am hoping for a bundle (preferably Action/Adventure and RPG) that will make it attractive for me to buy, until then back to FF12 (PS2 version) and for variation maybe Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Skyrim. Oh! I also have "Dishonored Game of the Year Edition" (cost AU $19.00) which I have only just started to play so even when I get a PS4 I would have no interest in buying the remastered version of it.

Takwin953d ago

I play remastered games all the time on my PC. I upgraded to a 290x and 1600p on 30" monitor.

Dishonored looks stunningly good at full max 1600p. Deus Ex Human Revolutions (except the cutscenes) looks great. The Witcher 2 still crushes most graphics cards. Just Cause 2 is fabulous. And the list goes on.

As a PS4 owner, there is no way I would get God of War because it was so freaking good on PS3.

My favorite two re masters ever are Zelda Wind Waker and The Last of Us. The Metal Gear Solid HDs and the original Ratchet and Clanks were great too.

NuggetsOfGod953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Backwards compatibility ftw! :p

Will be playing deus ex, witcher 2 & fallout new vagas before the new ones.

There is a certain joy and about playing skyrim then farcry 4. Guess cuz I still own my games?

Yes I am weird like that.
But then again u could rent them from sony for an ok price.

As absurd as it seems I think x86 games on ps4 won't work on ps5 to help ps now sales and people will complain and move on when a naughty dog logo is shown to destract them.

Console gaming and remakes seem to be a success and I am sure publishers are planing future remakes already for ps5/xbtwo

Call of duty remakes incoming.

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Adexus953d ago

Loved Dishonored but I really don't think it's a game that needs a "remaster".

WellyUK953d ago

Your right only the really good games need to be remastered IMO. Uncharted series would be good but remasters like Borderlands just weren't needed.

GreetingsfromCanada953d ago

I didn't get to play it, so being able to experience a better version is fine for me.

Dirtnapstor953d ago

Dishonored was awesome. Well done, good story. Completely left you hanging in the end...kind of abruptly really.
You'll enjoy it.

Jalva953d ago

There's always someone...

-Foxtrot953d ago

Of all the remasters and the only one I would love is still no where in site...Witcher 1 & 2

I mean it would of been perfect before the Witcher 3 comes out.

PixelGateUk953d ago

Witcher 1 would be a no go, Witcher 2 (the 360 port) is pretty damn good, shame it was pretty much overlooked by the masses :(

I can't see them doing Remasterings of either to be fair

ninsigma953d ago

If I remember correctly they have previously stated to that effect. So no remasters of those by the looks of it.

someOnecalled953d ago

I think you know why it was overlooked

DawginTow1953d ago

I actually wouldn't mind a Bioshock Infinite remaster for ps4/x1.

Complete/definitive edition ofc, every last bit of dlc included

jf3sh13953d ago

I completely agree about witcher 1 & 2, but I would also add Knights of the old republic 1 & 2 to my list of games I want to see remastered on ps4/xbox1

Genova84953d ago

Do you mean an updated console port of witcher 2? It still looks amazing on pc IMO. Witcher 1 is showing its age, but I'd rather cd projekt red focus on cyberpunk than reworking thier old library.

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Relientk77953d ago

I'm still waiting for Dishonored 2

and Dishonored doesn't need to be remastered it came out a couple years ago