Is PlayStation Now really worth Sony’s time?

PS4 Attitude: "When I recently tried out PlayStation Now in the UK beta, I came away with mixed feelings. From a technical standpoint, everything worked flawlessly, so it was difficult to be disappointed with the service itself. However, at the same time, I couldn’t help wondering exactly who PlayStation Now is actually aimed at."

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SpaceRanger1263d ago

People had the same mentality of questioning Netflix when it came out. PS Now isn't aimed at people who game constantly. It's aimed at casual gamers to younger gamers where they may only have a vita or psTV (because of cost) that want to play during the 3 months of summer or maybe a month during the holiday.

Not everyone plays games every single day. The same way not everyone watches movies on Netflix every single day. Its not going to be a fit for everyone. But for some it definitely will. And the good thing is that it can only get better as it goes on.

stefhutch201263d ago

You make some very valid points, but the cynic in me says that aiming a product squarely at the casual market is a risky strategy. After all, the reason why the PS4 is such a big success right now is because Sony appealed to gamers.

HaveSumNuts1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

The title should be "Is PS Now worth our time" Sony spent hundreds of millions of $ (380 mil) to buy Gakai to make PS Now possible. Seems quite stupid to make an article suggesting if they should drop it without considering the money they already spent on it, why the hell would they even think about dropping it now?

stefhutch201263d ago

That's actually a good point. But to be fair I'm not suggesting they should drop it. I'm just saying that, in it's current form, it has very limited appeal.

fei-hung1263d ago

It's also for hardcore gamers. There has been any occasions when there has been a drought in games or nothing I've been interested in. At these times I wouldn't love to have a PS NOW option of just signing up and having access to some great classics.

fei-hung1263d ago

Just read what I wrote. Holy shit did autocorrect f shit up. It was supposed to read :

It's also for hardcore gamers. There have been many occasions when there has been a drought in games or times where there was nothing I've been interested in. At these times I would love to have had a PS NOW option of just signing up and having access to some great classics.

No edit option sucks.

rainslacker1263d ago

The casual market spends more on games than the hardcore market does. Mobile has become big, and since this service runs on mobile it could potentially be very profitable for them. Also taking into account all the devices this service will run on, it's pretty obvious that accessibility is going to be a huge factor in how Sony markets it. The casual crowd can be fickle, but it's not really about locking them in for the long term, but having enough quantity of them to make those occasional purchases that drive revenue. This is the way mobile gaming devs and publishers make money, pure quantity of users.

I'm sure that Sony will push this service towards the hardcore as well. Makes sense to get revenues off already interested parties that have an even lower barrier of entry than the casual market does.

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someOnecalled1263d ago

Funny. Onlive received nothing but hate and doubt when it was announce and only til Sony announce this people started stating how game streaming is good. I kinda feel sorry for them bankrupt because how dedicated gamers are to brands even if its a great idea.

Letthewookiewin1263d ago

Sony has received a ton of harsh criticism over this service.

morganfell1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Just so you are aware as regards OnLive:

Brand dedication has it's place. Particularly if it deals with centralized functionality, a company that continually pushes the boundries to implement new ideas or else known ideas which others are too timid to attempt, and/or a company that looks out for it's consumers.

EDIT: As Letthewookiewin stated, Sony has taken more than a few slings and arrows for even attempting this idea. Sony was declared wasteful, stupid, out of their minds, and quite a few other things from those that doubted their success as well as those that fear it.

ginsunuva1263d ago

They don't even need those. All they need is a Sony TV or Blu-Ray player these days.

rainslacker1263d ago

Or a mobile phone, and likely every other app centric device in the future. PSNow is going to be available pretty much everywhere....maybe even Xbox One.:P

Letthewookiewin1263d ago

@Stef Anyone who doesn't have a console and just bought a new Sony TV, Streamer, or Blu Ray player now has a huge library of games they could play since they basically bought a PS3 also. There are absolutely people that are not really gamers or don't have enough time/money in their lives to justify a console. Now average Dad is going to have a stealth console the wife can't nag about. It's going to pay off huge for Sony.

zeuanimals1263d ago

If you have a Vita or PSTV, you're probably not a casual gamer. But still, it is aimed at casuals, they just need to expand it to other devices, not just Sony ones because Sony's other devices don't sell very well.

rainslacker1263d ago

Sony blu-ray players are where this is going to hit it big IMO. Every Sony blu-ray player will come with it, possibly a free trial and controller if Sony is smart, and people will probably find some retro game to enjoy from time to time.

Since Sony is the largest seller of blu-ray drives nowadays, sometimes for people who just want to stream, this is going to be pretty big. I wouldn't doubt that it comes to smartTV's as a standard app in the near future as well.

Fkhalf161262d ago

Its already available on Samsung 2015 smart TV models. It has already started to expand into other Non-SONY devices as Andrew House and its playstation crew stated back in 2013.

magiciandude1263d ago

"It's aimed at casual gamers to younger gamers where they may only have a vita or psTV"

Like .03% of all PSVita/PSTV owners? It's aimed at everyone. Sony wants to shift focus from console to streaming services, but they know they can't in the course of one generation. This is the future of PlayStation, no doubt about that. The console is on its way out whether or not you accept that.

wegetsignalx1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Dedicated gaming hardware isn't going anywhere, stop spreading FUD about the future of Playstation.

News4Noobs-1262d ago

If sony is smart enough... They should include a controller with every SonyTV, Blue-ray player, Phone or anything that includes the PS Now... So when people buy one of these devices they are ready to play out of the box, even they include a cheap controller, but this will catch a lot of attention to people and actually try it. This will be the best move. Right now everyone that has a device compatible with it won't even try it if theu have buy anythig else in order to play (mainly casuals) but if you have the controller even if you're not interested you might try and like it because there is nothing loose and you are just being tempted.

FunkMacNasty1262d ago

I think it could be more worth it if they had more reasonable pricing for rentals, and once they figure out a better way to stream the games. I tried the free 7 day trial of ps now on PS4 and the two games I tried (uncharted 2 and Arkham City), streamed in pretty low quality to the point where the visuals looked like off screen YouTube gameplay. And I run my Ps4 With a wired connection to the router, so connection on my end can't get any better...To me, that's not worth the price of a subscription of any length.

UKmilitia1262d ago

waste of money and time imo.
but people seem to want a new consoel to play old games.
just doesnt click with me.
if u want to play old games,play the old console.

getting a company to spend billions on playing something thats old is silly ands after playing psnow for a while i just see its worthwhile.

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Rimeskeem1263d ago

I would think so knowing how fast they are expanding it.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081263d ago

After renting king of fighters 94', 95' and 96', art of fighting, samurai showdown, fatal fury, soldner-X1 and 2, another shoot-'em-up game that i can't remember right now. IMO, yes it is worth their time. Hope to see some classic 2D beat-'em-ups like streets of rage, final fight and more come along to. Going back to playing classic games brings back memories, so excuse me while i go back to playing king of fighters, art of fighting and fatal fury now. :D

-Foxtrot1263d ago

They can do what they want but for now they should release all their PS1/PS2 games on the PS4 for people who won't get PS Now because of their crap internet connections.

I want to re-download my hell am I paying again for them.

ninsigma1263d ago

I get the feeling that this is just a stepping stone for this service. This is just the early stages used for getting the tech out there into a working state and later it will eveolve where there will be no more playstation consoles. Instead we will have a playstation service that can be used on multiple devices (hopefully PC is included) and using this service will be how we play the games being released in the future. And to be honest, this is something I kinda want. I think it would be a lot better. Imagine a ps service akin to steam for all Sony published a playstation (Brand) exclusives. Actually it would be more like EAs origin in that respect. If that were to happen Sony (and MS and Nintendo) would see a hell of a lot more profits imo. No more paying for distribution and packaging costs. Stores can't take any money from them as there will be no consoles to sell and they can't rip people off with their trade in system. We could also see a decreases in the cost we consumers have to pay for those games, because lets be serious, €70 for a game is beyond ridiculous. I think this is where we could be headed...and I like that idea.

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