The COD studios check out each other’s games but don’t share ideas

With three separate studios working on three different Call of Duty entries simultaneously, do the devs involved ever get together to share ideas? Or is everything super hush hush until it's revealed to the world?According to Mark Lamia, the studio head at Treyarch, the team behind Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, it's a lot more open than you might think.

"From very early on we'll share stuff on all side," he says in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine. "In invited the other teams very early on in this development, as soon as I had what I considered a representative prototype. I shared it with the other studios, but it's up to them to come up with their own [creative ideas]."

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Sureshot1289d ago

This is clearly P.R bull. Not only do they share ideas, I'm willing to bet they share code

DanteVFenris6661289d ago

Yea no kidding, clearly they've copied the code. Or in each game the gunplay would feel different. You can try to imitate but there is no question about then gunplay feeling exactly the same. Guns also behave the same. So from that perspective they probably have a lot of the original code from cod4. Though most sequels will do that. That's why ussually sequels have more in it.

GreenUp1289d ago

They don't share ideas. OKAY. Explain the superjumping.

Software_Lover1289d ago

This is not Bull$h!t, this is a big pile of T-Rex $h!t.

paddy951289d ago

Treyarch always do a better job than the rest.

porkChop1288d ago

Not in terms of movement. The movement in Treyarch's games has always felt a bit "off" compared to the other games.

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