Advantages of a PlayStation Plus membership

If you own a PlayStation console you really owe it to yourself to take a look at PlayStation Plus, Sony’s premium subscription service delivering a wide range of exclusive benefits.

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4Scarrs_Gaming1289d ago

Sony has really stepped up the game with Playstation Plus. When I first heard Sony was charging for online multiplayer I was bummed. However, there is more then enough content and discounts to make up for it. Love it!!

Xof1289d ago

I don't see the two as related.

Charging a subscription fee for unlimited game rentals and discounts is fine... charging a wholly superfluous fee for online play is not fine.

The one does not "make up" for the other.

Sharky2311289d ago

It's all part of the same package! If you buy the online you get the free games as an added bonus. How is that not a good thing? Not to mention most of the games on ps plus for the ps4 are new games!! I really don't see the problem.

rainslacker1289d ago

Just a matter of perception I guess.

I get PS+ for the games, have since day one. MP I actually criticized Sony for when it went mostly unnoticed at the E3 announcement. Still do, but since I don't pay for it for the MP it never truly upset me.

If people don't care about the free games, then obviously paying for MP would affect them a lot more, and to some it actually completely removes their ability to play online like they did last gen since they won't/can't pay for a sub.

In other cases, some people may be upset about it, but find that the extra value of the added games makes it worthwhile in the the original poster.

Dirtnapstor1289d ago

This is a flat out no-brainer. Think about what PS+ offers and let that stew for a bit.

MysticStrummer1289d ago

"The one does not "make up" for the other."

I pay for PS+ because I have to for online play.

The value I've gotten, included games and discounts, paid for my membership fee in 3 or 4 months.

Yes, one can make up for the other if the value you're getting is sufficiently high, which is entirely subjective.


I agree, I like plus and I enjoy it, but it is good that they have the unlimited rentals, discounts, etc., otherwise I probably would of left it alone, even now that they've put the online gaming behind it's paywall, since that has never really been a priority for me. They really didn't need to do it to justify PS+, or to force more people into subscriptions. If it ever came to be just paying to play online, then it wouldn't be worth it to me anymore.

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miyamoto1288d ago

IMHO PS+ AND PS NOW should be together.

DEEBO1289d ago

Games,Games and more games.

If you own the vita,ps3 and PS4 then you my friend just hit the gaming lottery.

4Scarrs_Gaming1289d ago

That's right you can buy a new system and a PS Plus membership and be set for months on end :)

1289d ago
paulhunter1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Honestly, if you have all three systems you could not even buy games, just play your six free every month. Of course there's bound to be a few games you'll want to buy at launch each year, but if you don't mind waiting likely many of them will eventually come to PS Plus.

4Scarrs_Gaming1289d ago

That's so true! I have a few friends who do just that. The more the merrier I say.

magiciandude1289d ago

I would gladly say the same, but since the service is now offering mostly indies that the majority of gamers wouldn't care to buy with their own money, then I refuse to consider this a gaming lottery. It doesn't help if the games are boring or somewhat serve as a distraction much like the games you would play on a phone.

rainslacker1289d ago

If people had one console for a while, likely PS3, and still added all those games just because they could, then if they brought either a PS4 or Vita they would have a huge collection of games without having to get a game with the console.

Heck even if you only have a PS4 now, I'd still suggest people get the Vita/PS3 stuff just so they have it available to them should they ever go "retro". Never know what the future will bring, and it doesn't cost anything extra.

PSA: For those who aren't aware, you can see the offerings on systems you don't own on the PlayStation Store website. It'll allow you to add them all.

DEEBO1289d ago

I had all three but my 60gig died and my kids broke my vita but I'm going to see if I can get it fix.

CaptainObvious8781289d ago

I have all 3 and I'm swimming in games.

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Letthewookiewin1289d ago

I've had it since day one and can't ever finish all the games Plus has given me. I don't even play online and I already had it because it's so worth the 50 bucks a year. I'd pay 80 and wouldn't think twice.

Lucreto1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I have just under 300 games from when I joined in 2010. I never paid full price for the subscription since then. I just got €15 for a year so I am good until 2018.

Aenea1289d ago

Okay come on, seriously? This one and the one about the Advantages of Xbox Live are done by the same person on the Best Buy website!

Why is this nonsense even submitted as an article?

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