Destiny Tip to Unlock House of Wolves Gear Early

You still need to wait until May 19. But check out this Destiny tip to be one of the first with House of Wolves gear.

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slinky1234561286d ago

It is the best method, but also now that Vangaurd Commendations and other commendations will give xp towards your rank you should save and collect as many of those as you can. Then get your rank to the next closes rank right before HoW releases then just use them.

JWiLL5521286d ago

I only hop on Destiny for some PVP a few times a week now, but back when I was playing consistently I was leveling Dead Orbit.

Pretty sure I have something like 40 Crucible commendations. Glad they'll actually have some value with HoW.

pompombrum1286d ago

I'm still catching up after switching to the PS, what rank is it that you start getting bonus packages? It's 3 I think but figured I'd be better off asking first.

JWiLL5521286d ago

You start getting commendations at rank 3 for any of the factions, or Vanguard/Crucible if you don't choose a faction.

I wanted those Dead Orbit shaders so I went with them on 2 of my characters. 40 some odd ranks later between the 2 and still no Revenant! That's definitely more rare than the Gjallarhorn or Thunderlord.

CorndogBurglar1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Lol yeah.

I have 3 characters leveled all the way up and i've been playing since day one.

I have yet to find ANY faction shaders or ships.

Those things are the rarest items in the game. Especially considering that i own every exotic piece of armor in the game, and have had every exotic weapon at some point, minus Hawkmoon. I've even had multiple Gjallahorns. I'm pretty sure i've found or bought every legendary item as well at least once.

maybelovehate1285d ago

this is what i am doing. have dead orbit, vangaurd and future war cult all ready to rank up. Also saving all my purple and yellow engrams. Cannot wait for May 19