The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, First Legit Unboxing For The Day One Edition

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt street date was broken and here is the first legit Day One Edition’s unboxing.

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annoyedgamer925d ago

I love it. A soundtrack, a proper manual (very important for reading whilst taking care of "business" and a map that shows the areas of the game rather than future DLC.

Adexus925d ago

Want to see a proper unboxing of the collectors edition myself, mainly to see if it has the stupid "Bundle copy" on the front like the tend to have these days :(

FeliceDiGi925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

Maybe we will see it next week. :P

Adexus925d ago

Really hoping so! I've already got the PC version on Steam so I'd be buying it for the extra stuff (mainly for the epic statue) and I'll be selling the PS4 version on :D

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KillerPwned925d ago

Best Buy preodered come with Steelbook case and $10 credit cant wait to get the game with the case!

arkard925d ago

Hell yeah! Between Gamersclub and reward credits I have, I'll only be paying 10$ for Day 1 edition!

KillerPwned924d ago

Basically same situation also GCU was a great investment.

rainzor925d ago

Why would play this game on a low end PC, aka the PS4

Rob_Ko925d ago

can't afford high end pc?
Just one of the reasons

poor_cus_of_games925d ago

Even though the PS4 version looks like high settings on pc. Only at 30fps.

kraenk12924d ago

Why do you care where someone plays this game?! The point is everybody should play this game and support these developers, no matter what platform.