Does Project CARS look better than Driveclub?

Project CARS is a beautiful racing game, but is it on par with the game that set the bar, Driveclub?

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Walker954d ago

no, absolutely DC looks miles better and better

Sharingan_no_Kakashi954d ago

I mean. A horse can only be so dead.

JWiLL552954d ago

Clickbait gaming sites: "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!"

Dee_91953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

last 2 games that made me drop my jaw over visuals: Last of Us & Drive Club.I think its a given that most games that come out nowadays on consoles and PC are pretty much gorgeous, but not many have those awe moments for me.My first real awe moment of last gen was coming out of the tunnels on High Speed ring in the rain on GT5. I've never seen light bloom done so elegantly in a game.GT6 didn't even nail those effects as well as gt5.My first awe moment this gen was Drive Club's weather.

Simply put, no, Drive Club looks better.imo. But i'm more of a sim racer so pCars is the better game overall to me.

badz149953d ago

on ultra setting pc it might but as far as PS4 games go, short answer is NO.

953d ago
NuggetsOfGod953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Can't wait for the star citizen vs no mans sky graphics article.

I am not even gonna even attempt to criticize drive club lol

I rather keep my account.

Drive club is better by only a mile :)

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KnowledgeIsPower954d ago

It might look better, but its not better as a Game lol

BiggCMan954d ago

Depends on what you what type of racing you want. Driveclub hooks you better because it's all about points, and being better than your friends and the community, not unlike Call of Duty for instance. It has that "just one more time" factor in it that is very addicting.

Whereas Project Cars is a slower paced simulation game, that is meant to replicate the career of a real driver. I like Driveclub better, but I am enjoying Project Cars for what it is. I think it's the best Gran Turismo game since GT4 at least, cuz that's basically what it is.

Unreal01954d ago

I have ProjectCARS and Driveclub and Project Cars blows it out of the water. Very impressive game.

BlackPhillip666953d ago

two different styles of racer should not compare imo

the_dark_one953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

opinions differ from gamer to gamer. whos to say that a game that you dont consider better then the other isnt better to some one else

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BoriboyShoGUN954d ago

Driveclub has some flaws but the visuals are not it. The game is beautiful !!!!

Ghost_of_Tsushima954d ago

Driveclub looks much better IMO. The Lightning during the storm looks fake in Project Cars. It just flashes oddly fast in a weird way. Everything looks better in Driveclub. The cars, tracks, weather, and sense of speed.

XiSummershine953d ago

The video in the article is not from the final build of Project Cars, that video is a few months old already.

But I think your statement is still right, look at this recent comparison from both games on PS4

twiztidditzwit953d ago

I think project cars did the night time better. The light from the headlights is much more realistic. But overall the graphics in drive club are better. I just wish you could steal the lighting at night from Project Cars and slip em in Driveclub. Lol

Clunkyd953d ago

There's just a lot more attention to detail on the car models in DC.

Psychotica953d ago

Well at least I could play Project Cars when I bought it. I just went out and bought DriveClub and can't even play it, all I get is a CE-32937-4 error when trying to download a patch..

oasdada953d ago

Ive had DC since say one and besides the online component ive never had a problem to this day.. i see people trying v hard to downplay this game..

O.t project cars in ultra looks good but not as good as DC.. just look at the foliage in both games and ud understand

Psychotica953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

You can lookup this error and driveclub and find others who have had the same issue. I should note i can play it without the patch but i cannot play online without it

AndrewLB953d ago

Yeah. DriveClub with it's HD textures looks "Miles better" than a game that uses 4k textures. For those of you who might be a bit slow... that's 4x the level of detail. And before the knee-jerk response saying "That's PC! You can't compare PC to PS4!" Well that's BS since many people on this site talked about if they should get the PC or PS4 version, so it's all fair game.

And perhaps you guys didn't notice, there's a reason why all the comparisons you're seeing between Project Cars and DriveClub seem to only focus on weather effects. Of course that's because if they were to compare the textures, physics, AI, detail drop-off at distance, lighting, and shadows... Project Cars would be the clear winner.

Project Car's developers didn't spend 4 months focusing on cool looking water on the windshield because racing in the rain is something that rarely happens in professional motorsports

Mr Lahey953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

So project cars is 4k on ps4? Cool story bro.. It's a comparison of two ps4 games if you didn't understand that.

Forn953d ago

Texture resolution is far from the only thing that defines visuals in a game just so you know.

Kafiota953d ago

4k is not 4x HD. Its
around 2x actually.
Resolution is measured in height, HD 1920x1080, the value is 1080. Wich stands for the resolution measured in height.
Same for 4k, (UHD) 3840x2160, so 2160 for the height.

2160 is the exact double of 1080. Its not 4x....

Aceman18953d ago

I've a question I hear ppl go on, and on about DC gameplay being lackluster What exactly makes it lackluster to you ppl?

I mean its a driving game what exactly do you expect a driving game do? Or do you guys just find it fun to drive off road running down little creatures for pts?

I mean PC is also a driving game, and it's gameplay is simply just that driving.

I love DC for its arcade style exhilarating driving, and I know I'm going to love the SIM style driving.

As for looks this is a stupid question because one is an exclusive that focuses purely on its intended system while the other is multiplatform, and can never fully utilize the platforms it's on 100% unless it's PC.

Father__Merrin953d ago

there is no reply to that apart from DC is a good game albiet arcade only and it being ps4 only. if it was on PC i can bet you now n4g users will be jumping up and down claiming this is great for thier sli/xfire titan 4k etc etc

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masterfox954d ago

haha really ? and you know what is even funnier not even a Ultra settings on Project Cars can surpass Driveclub visuals/style/atmosphere, and to give you goosebumps PC gamers newer games will look even better. :D

TRU3_GAM3R954d ago

"and you know what is even funnier not even a Ultra settings on Project Cars can surpass Driveclub visuals"


Project Cars Alpha stage -- DriveClub final product

Helloween13954d ago

yeah like he said Driveclub is way better looking, and the back drops in P C are very bland almost PS2 graphics

BoriboyShoGUN953d ago

I don't think people understand what a ultra-settings PC really is! If u think for 1 second that our beloved PS4 is pushing more than a high-end PC on Ultra-settings you might be a mindless fanboy!

ShottyGibs953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Lol.. looks good .. yeah.. plays good yeah... but please, especially not at 30fps

TRU3_GAM3R954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

can you tell the difference?.(:

driveclub only has better Weather effect that's all.

JWiLL552954d ago

Disagree. The reflections in Project Cars don't look quite as natural, ditto the lighting.

Driveclub's dynamic daylight cycles really lead to some spectacular looking scenes. The lighting also appears "softer" for lack of a better term, which gives it a very realistic appearance.

WellyUK954d ago

Driveclub actually looks miles better in that video... The scenery etc all looks much better.

SpinalRemains138954d ago


The entire game looks better.

XiSummershine954d ago

Maybe take a look at the full comparison video, not just the footage you stole from it to make that 30 sec vid.

Gamer1982953d ago

the Pagani footage says it all DC blows it away in terms of quality but lets be fair this is a group of industry standard game makers vs an up and coming studio who in the past have only used other peoples engines to make there game and never made there own. Not to mention exclusive vs multiplatform.

starchild953d ago

People that say Drive club looks way better are just being fanboys. Look at their comment histories. Driveclub does look better, but not miles better. And it isn't as clean (free of jaggies) or as smooth in terms of framerate as Project Cars.

d3nworth1953d ago

That's not being a fanboy that called exaggeration. Doesn't matter if they say "way better" or " miles better" bottom line its look better.

badz149953d ago


did you really just go there? framerate? the framerate is the biggest culprit of Project Car's performance. they are all over the place. DC have it locked down to 30fps 99% of the time

and your comment history shows that you're an avid PS hating fanboy!

WellyUK953d ago

It does look better and I don't even like Driveclub. Personally think its a very mediocre game. But by the video posted Driveclub looks better. Not a case of being a fan boy its a case of say what you see... which DC looks better than PC in that video.

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Fro_xoxo954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

Nothing is allowed to look better than Driveclub till another Playstation exclusive racer releases.

lol. This isn't the place to ask this question.

Transistor954d ago

Other racers are allowed to look better than Driveclub, but they just don't.

It's pretty clear that this bothers you quite a bit.

Rimeskeem954d ago

Or there might not be a racer that looks better than DriveClub. That's also a possibility

Dee_91953d ago

This isn't the place? I guess, youtube, random Disqus comments on various sites and blogs isn't the place either.. i think the entire internet might not be the place.I think the only good place to ask this question is in your bedroom... since your opinion is the only one that matters apparently.

badz149953d ago


talk about being butthurt! who says they can't look better? Project Cars did it but only if going Ulta and 4k on the pc but as far as the PS4 is concerned, DC does look better.

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