Is Splatoon Destined for Failure?

Hardcore Gamer: Splatoon might have made for a quirky launch title or awesome first-year experience, but the numbers don’t necessarily support its short or long-term financial viability. As much as a portion the hardcore contingent wishes that Nintendo would vault itself into first place once again with a fresh IP, there’s little chance that Splatoon will do anything other than fade off into oblivion after a month or so.

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iTechHeads1319d ago

It's a shooter.
It's not the next big thing.
It's not Nintendo's next flagship IP.
Also, its on Wii U.

ThunderPulse1318d ago

WiiU should be the 1st reason.

LOL_WUT1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Nintendo pretty much ruined the games chances to be successful ever since that whole 'no voice chat' fiasco. ;)

Also theres currently a demo out that can only be accessed during certain time periods which is absurd I deleted it right away.

Concertoine1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

LOL, there is hardly any internally developed Nintendo game on Wii U that has sold less than a million units. I think Game and Wario and Wii Fit U. That's it. The dedication to their software is ridiculous. They have many of the highest selling next gen games despite putting out their slowest selling console ever!

Splatoon fills a niche many have been missing on the Wii U, and the game will sell fine.

mikeslemonade1318d ago

It will likely get a 85 metascore. As far as anything else it will fail. I can possibly see imitators thought that will do it better than Nintendo.

N4g_null1318d ago

Just watch this and tell me if this looks like a failure!

If you missed out on the test fire then this is what you missed. Great game. Box cover and quick scooping will not save you. Check out the new weapons also. Game play heaven!

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Transistor1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

It's not that simple.

It's missing a lot of common features people expect in multiplayer games and being a shooter exclusively on the Wii U doesn't help.

wonderfulmonkeyman1318d ago

Nearly everyone who played it enjoyed it despite not being just like other shooters.
It's not destined to fail. In the long term, especially thanks to the free DLC content, it'll sell perfectly fine.

darkmirror1318d ago

It's a full price retail game. That's another reason I don't think it'll sell well.

It's hard for people to justify $50/60 on a multi-player only game.

mydyingparadiselost1318d ago

It has a single player campaign, one with objectives and mechanics that I'm pretty sure aren't even in the multiplayer.

3-4-51318d ago

* Nearly everyone who played it had a great time playing it and stated it was better than they expected it to be.

I'd say that is a good sign.

hardcoregamer needed the hits though.

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iamnsuperman1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Oh gawd yes. Even though it is a Nintendo exclusive (which usual do all right compared to other software on the Wii U), it is a shooter that is aiming for the more family crowd depsite being priced at a relatively high price and with very little mass coverage. It is coming out this month

Reeze1319d ago

No! The past few days, Splatoon has been everywhere! Trending on Twitter, getting coverage on YouTube and major journalism sites, you name it. Almost everyone who has played the demo comes out simply RAVING about it, and it's definitely gained a huge following recently. Nintendo's really pushing it and I know a lot of people buying Wii Us for Splatoon alone, so I really think it can do well.

Transistor1318d ago

Don't do this to yourself, just enjoy the game.

It's not going to do big numbers.

Concertoine1318d ago

It has Nintendo's name on it and it is an inventive game. That's all it really needs to sell on a starving console like the Wii U. The public beta also gave it a lot of exposure to those unsure of its quality. I doubt it will sell much hardware, but I predict 1 million within its first month, you can bookmark this page.

Reeze1318d ago

I know it won't perform amazingly- but that's not what the article asked. Is it destined for failure? No, I don't think so. It's as simple as that.

TripC501319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

it will be fun.
Insta-Cult Classic

Moonman1317d ago

Exactly! FU

N4g_null1319d ago

What is interesting is they never include the possibility that along with the other ever green games splatoon and xenoblade could actually spur new sales.

This is the same thinking that pegged the 3ds as a failure. Now look at.

Basically nintendo always has to wad thur the minds of the current casual gamer. Let's face it you have to be pretty hardcore into gaming to go wiiu first. What is in those minds is how do a get a console that is a pc.

The state of console gamers are like a bunch of teens wanting a job that does not require work. Sony has promised you pay for that job but failed to get it in your hands. They list their demands and expect there not to be a price for power. Well that is why sony now milks ypu guys. You have a choice in console land it seems power or game play are the two main options. These are the two things gamers are responding to the most. Yet it seems gamers have collectedly decided the wiiu does not even deserve a chance. It is very interesting. If people really are turned off by the false claims that it can't handle next gen gaming then it is clear that nintendo should offer a $700 Uber system that also plays wiiu games in the nx framework.

It would seem the bigger story is why do you want splatoon to fail?

LOL_WUT1318d ago

The fact that they refuse to give us voice chat speaks volumes of how much they DON'T care about their fanbase or consumers. If anything by supporting the title not only are you encouraging this behavior but also making them reluctant to change.

And last but not least I don't understand what Sony has to do with any of this? ;)

Munnkyman1318d ago

I was upset with no voice until I play it. You really don't need it whats so ever. Though I do think would help it out

N4g_null1318d ago

Well I will support this game. I haven't needed voice chat since doom. I was an avid quake player back in the day. I would put it in just to hear the screams of my victims. Yet the game is well designed. Voice chat complaints just look like kids that still need night light to go 5o the bathroom at night. Grow a pair man. This game also doesn't have auto aim ethier!

wegetsignalx1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

PS4 has many highly rated games now and upcoming, with great Gameplay. Easy to verify this at listwar or metacritic.

It is the most powerful console with strong 3rd party support and a strong online network, and popular for that reason. Nintendo would need all 3 of those things to have a chance with a future console.

Nobody "wants this game to fail", the article is clickbait and you took the bait by making a hate rant against Sony.

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