5 worn out video game franchises

Publishing is a shameless business; be it books, movies or games. Year after year we have to cope with the same games we've been playing countless times before. Five franchises we're done with. Warning: you might not agree!

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Spudinator2171263d ago

COD needs to end and it will one day, but I think it would be best if the teams of developers all worked on solo projects cos they must be bored as shit there, same project every year, all that talent working on the same thing every year, I reckon they have alot more to offer especially Sledgehammer games cos of their work on Dead Space

mikeslemonade1262d ago

My list is COD, Halo, Gears, AC, and BF.

PlayableGamez1262d ago

Gears only has 4 games how is it worn out?

Halo2ODST21262d ago

Not gears, but i agree with the rest.

GenuineGamer1262d ago

Gears is not even close to being worn out. Its only had 3 main games and is sorely missed and due a return.

There is not a singe gears game on xbox one like wtf lemonade why the hate. Oh probly cuz its a MS IP right?

Same goes for Halo. The last entry in Halo was back on 360 so i hardly see how its worn out.

Halo2ODST21262d ago

@genuine gamer there has been a halo release every year since 2007...

GenuineGamer1262d ago


Its not as bad as that sounds. Its around 3 years between each major Halo release.

We are only 4 main title games in. 343 confirmed halo 4 was the start of a new trilogy story so we still have Halo 5 and 6 to come.

I don't count Halo 3: odst as a main release its just a stand alone expansion for halo 3

Halo Reach was a prequel, although one of if not my fav halo game so far.

various mobile games and an RTS.

Yeah, theres a few halo games lol but its not worn out.

I cant wait for Halo 5 the first current gen halo

WilDRangeRfc1262d ago

AC defo,maybe COD too unless they build a new engine and totally overhall the game and get back to basics which I believe is possible,Gears only has 4 games and has a massive MP community myself included,so much more to explore in that universe.
Battlefield is awesome and should continue but 5 should be worked on for the next 2 years and should release every 3-4 years.
Never got into Halo need to start the campaigns on MCC so I know where the story is at and if it is worth expanding on,the online community like Gears would always play a sequel and the game is always highly sought after.
What about Uncharted and God Of War? I mention them because you only list multiplats and Xbox games,I know from talking to you privatly that you are a big Sony fan

Moldiver1262d ago

What about the 15+ final fantasy games? or all those dynasty warrior games? We have had more than 5 metal gear about that? we will be on the seventh gran turismo soon. ...and bloodbourne? at its core another souls game ( thats 4 now) 5 personas?

Or does this conversation only apply to MS exclusives even though, not a single MS exclusive is on that list?

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Lord_Sloth1262d ago

I think it'd be like any other job. You do the exact same thing every day of the year. They just get paid a hell of a lot more than I do.

badz1491262d ago

personally, I think FPS in general is a worn out experience! ESPECIALLY military FPS. how many CoD, BF, MoH and some others that we have gotten all these years?

there is nothing wrong with FPS in general but when you spam the market with literally copied and pasted assets year after year, it gets annoying! oh...and ZOMBIES too! damn those are annoying!

Trekster_Gamer1263d ago

If COD is worn out then why is it still a billion dollar franchise??

DA article...

Spudinator2171262d ago

Because of all the parents buying their kids games

Benji86NL1261d ago

Casuals... filthy casuals...

OhMyGandhi1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

my list:

1. call of duty
2. assassin's creed
3. Final Fantasy
4. Halo
5. Killzone

For me, the best COD was 4, so it goes to show that the franchise is capable of reinventing itself.
Favorite Assassin's Creed was 2, when it nearly perfected the gameplay mechanics of stealth assassinations and freerunning, Favorite halo was the second, because it improved on the original, and introduced absolutely rock solid online multiplayer into the mix. Killzone 2 was the best as the game provided damned addicting multiplayer, and while the campaign was dissapointing, set in motion a new era of ultra cinematic first person shooters.

All of these games have simply stayed past their welcome.
As to the person who replied above that COD has sold so much, its because gamers are roped into believing that this NEXT iteration will become the definitive edition, and it simply hasn't been the case. Advanced Warfare was a darn good start to some interesting ideas, from a new studio, but I don't feel that it has done enough to distuinguish itself from other games like it. It's different from traditional COD, but not different thematically from games like Crysis and Titanfall.

BinaryMind1262d ago

LOL. Do you really think Call of Duty is going to reinvent itself after seven straight iterations of milking?

Swiggins1262d ago

I'll agree with your first 3, but Halo and Killzone have absolutely not outstayed their welcome, there's a reason people are still foaming at the mouth for Halo 5 and Killzone still has a few tricks up its sleeves as well.

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Spudinator2171262d ago

Tony Hawks that franchise faded away faster than a fart outside, but their is a new one coming out, doubt it will smell well tho.

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