Honest Games Review Preview: Madden NFL 09

Electronic Arts Inc (EA), the global electronic games industry will continue the expansion pack of NFL with lunch Madden NFL 09 in August 2008. Madden NFL 09 developed by EA Tiburon also use ex-quarterback Green Bay Packers image, Brett Favre in front page Madden NFL 09 game box. NFL games series by EA already entered 20 years in production also include simple to handle game technique, online gaming upgrade and realistic viewing like real tournament.

EA is also making a slight control change to this year's football duo (NCAA Football 09 included). In Madden 09 it's being called Total Control Animations and one of its features is bestowing a newfound sense of control when using the left analog stick. Now you'll no longer need to wiggle the right stick in conjunction with the left to pull off a juke. Now a simple left stick maneuver will be mimicked on-screen and should allow the runner to be more evasive than in previous years.

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