Witcher 3 New Infographic

According to the official Twitter account of the game,the game will unlock in Europe at 1 AM CET.Gamestop details the features of the game in the following image :

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kingeliran1198d ago

Waiting is Killing me Inside..

thekhurg1198d ago

I wish they'd just allow the game to be unlocked since the street date has already been broken. :(

kingeliran1198d ago

what do you mean "street date already been broken"?

Vegamyster1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )


There is copies out in the wild.

Edit: didn't see comment below :p

kingeliran1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

thats odd since i dont think that PS4 games can be copied because there is no jailbreak for PS4 so far ( i think).
maybe for xbox one i dont really know.

but my point is, i think some one payed off a worker in a game store and got the game ahead of time, in some middle eastern country, i dont think you can share games for ps4 and xbox one, or am i worng?

Update: well i checked im pretty 99% sure there is no way for them to share the game, so the guys that got the hard copy of the game are lucky few.

MrCherry1198d ago

This waiting game is makeing my days feel like months to me, I cant think of any game other thin Oblivion that Iv been waiting, waiting, and waiting for a game to come out, its like a new holiday to me :)

kingeliran1198d ago

Yep for me it was Skyrim the wait killed me, but for the witcher 3, is a whole new level of unbearable waiting, its WAYYYY harder.

MrCherry1198d ago

Is thir any way i can slip you 50$ to grab eraly copy gamestop.

kingeliran1198d ago

im willing to pay 100$ to get the game right now :P

Toiletsteak1198d ago

I have never played the others and i am really looking forward to getting this, so it must be killing you people that have played the other ones.

MonkeyOne1198d ago

It's amazing how many people can't wait to play the Witcher 3 who hadn't played the first two which to many of us were tedious, stodgy and just generally unfun experiences.

I think people are excited for Witcher 3 because many believe it will be the second coming of Skyrim.

starchild1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Every game has some detractors, so who cares? The Witcher games scored well both with reviewers and gamers, and they have legions of fans.

Personally, I liked Skyrim, but didn't love it. I don't really think The Witcher 3 is anything more than superficially similar to Skyrim. It looks like a Witcher game taken to its logical open-world conclusion.