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Life is strange apparently, well if you are a hipster teenage female photography student anyway. Or at least that is the claim, so is it?

Let’s begin with the basics. Life is Strange is an episodic game published by Square Enix along the lines of episodic games from TellTale that are now too numerous to mention. The game itself has been made by Dontnod who are best known for Remember Me.

You can download episodes individually or pay the full price for all 5 episodes. There is also an option to buy episodes 2 to 4 at a slight discount if episode 1 has grabbed you by the sensitive areas enough. Safe to say they have all bases covered on this front.

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johndoe112111288d ago

Very good/10??????? WTH?!?!?!?!?!

tablecloth1288d ago

Graphics: Yes

Sound: music, voice and noises (bet you could do better)Ed.

Accessibility: joypad required (ps4)

Playability: it works

Score: very good/100

thesamecoin1288d ago

Just a bit of humour from our reviewer - theres about 2000 words above that you could read :P

EazyC1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

That score is brilliant...good way of garnering extra hits from this site. I guarantee they are far more likely to check out a review that is "VERY GOOD/10" rather than, say "8/10"