10 Forgotten Gaming Franchises That Must Return At E3 2015

Plenty of these titles made one hell of a mark either through nostalgia or the cumulative effect of inbuilt charm, memorable character(s), a brilliant premise or all three – now it’s just down to the people at the top to wave their magical finance-wands in the right direction.

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baryonyx1317d ago

Splinter cell is far from a forgotten game -_-
Getaway would actually be awesome if they improved it weak points but the first game was awesome.

christocolus1317d ago

Well Gears is making a big come back and i would love a Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver reboot or sequel.

MegaSackman1317d ago

Most of those franchises aren't forgotten, TH5 it's already announced.

RpgSama1317d ago

I want a new Legacy of Kane: Soul Reaver game, but more like the first one on the PSX, where you could hurt enemies with the sun and spike them to walls, the 2 dimensions and how the world changed with that, the different ways to kill bosses using your surroundings, The ones that came after lost a lot in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.