The ‘Destiny’ Sequel Needs to Actually Reward Our Curiosity

Months on, Bungie's shooter continues to be a game of incredible unfulfilled potential. Will the unannounced but inevitable sequel deliver?

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Software_Lover1317d ago

I clearly don't understand what a Destiny "sequel" will do. IMHO there doesn't need to be a sequel to this type of game. They just need to add better content like W.O.W. They can change the formula up with new content and add new worlds, new enemies, new weapons, new heroes, new stories on the old worlds, new vehicles, etc etc. They don't need to label something "Destiny 2" IMHO.

3-4-51317d ago

* The base they build is of high quality, they just need to fill it with more naturally addicting stuff to do.

FamilyGuy1317d ago

Off topic:

With the House of Wolves will The Fate Of All Fools, the exotic Scout Rifle, finally be in the game? This article just reminded me of it and I just don't get why it hasn't dropped yet. It isn't even all that special...

VAking131316d ago

Yes, the fate of all fools exotic bounty has something to do with Osiris coins which will be introduced with HoW.

spike1317d ago

I dont understand how a sequel will work. They say you can tranfer your character, but how hard is it gonna be for a someone who is a level 20 compared to someone who is level 34.

Rock-Lee1317d ago

Well, that's the same way it's now. When House of Wolves drops and people buy the game, they have to play the story missions, do a couple of bounties and strikes/pvp matches and they're level 20. Then they just need to purchase the gear from the vendors (or if they're lucky they'll get an exotic gear piece). Earn reputation points and marks and purchase helm, chest, arms and boots and you're level 34. The higher level cap changes nothing for new players. It's just as 'hard' to become level 34 as it was to become level 29 (not including raid) at the launch of the game.

So when Destiny 2 drops and the level cap is 42 for instance. That's exactly the same when people had to be level 29 at release. New players get the same experience the first players had trying to become 29. The returning players have it a little 'easier' cause they don't need to become lvl 20 first, and have decent weapons and lots of materials.

So, for new players: it's the same path like release. Path to level 29 = 34 = 42 = whatever level cap it will be.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

What's your source for this? Just curious. I would think that they would make your gear as low level as the starter gear unless you wanted to upgrade it, but keep guns in the old one maybe. Or force you to create a new character and work up to 20 again only to have all your weapons + gear in your vault.

Rock-Lee1316d ago


Check the House of Wolves reveal video's Bungie streamed. You can play the game as a new player, finish the story quests etc and you're lvl 20, like everyone else since day 1. After that, simply buy vendor gear, they're all lvl 34. Earn marks, buy gear and you're 34.

admiralvic1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

While I don't understand your question, I can tell you across the board it is pretty simple.

Level advantage? Destiny scales you down.
Hitting level XYZ? If it's anything like the current game, then getting to level whatever is pretty easy. All you need to do is play the game enough to get vender gear (about an hour a day after hitting level 20 [takes like 6 hours] for about two weeks), level it and use materials to max it. Even without playing super hardcore or having good luck/skill, you can hit one level under the max in a couple of weeks if you wanted. Then all you need to do is the raid weekly. HoW will change some of this, but usually getting 1 level under the cap was pretty easy.

3-4-51317d ago

There are newer ways to keep increasing your level and rank with each DLC.

ipach1315d ago

getting to level 34 should be much easier than it used to be - so many more ways to get gear, including pve and pvp. less grinding for materials and crap as well (they're doing away with the extra upgrade nodes on both weapons and armor with HoW)

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Pathogenic1317d ago

I will only believe a sequel will truly happen if enough players come back to it. I left after six months of playing Destiny. I was sick and tired of going to the same places over and over again.

The problem the Bungie needs to fix is simply "Content" there wasn't enough content. The reasons why players have left is content. Look what happened to Mag on PS3. I played religiously for six months until new maps dropped. When it finally released there was hardly anyone on the servers playing.

Moving forward I see the same thing with Destiny. Empty most of the times. Also it doesn't help when you can't match make with people for raids. Im sorry but people don't want to go on the app to find people to play with. Just saying. There should be two options for this.

Anyways point is cutting the game into sections and selling it as dlc is not good buisness, especially since they're is not enough content in the first place.

In ending you need to listen to the community at the beginning of release and quickly rebound. Not taking six months to realize that "Oh we fucked up so let's start listening now"

Anyways it doesn't deserve a sequel unless they start listening to the community and it's concerns. Plus "CONTENT" people

Allsystemgamer1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Destiny is never empty. Tower is always full. Patrols are always full. It takes half a second to matchmake. It's far from empty.

It does have its flaws but it's far from dead. There's plenty of content. You just need to play with friends to get the experience. It's a loot game. It was announced as a loot game. Anyone who wanted it to not be a grinding loot game didn't research it properly.

The RNG does suck and it needs fixing.
There needs to be regularly updated strikes.
Gear should be slowly brought it to discover not have us told "this is available on this date".

There's tons of content. Bungie is just bringing it in the wrong way. There's nothing to discover in destiny.

I was on the side of raid matchmaking until I started raiding. I tried playing with randoms from the app and sites and it always ends horrendously. There needs to be something done but matchmaking isn't the answer.

admiralvic1317d ago

"The reasons why players have left is content."

There is a LOT to be said about unrewarding gameplay. Like I played Destiny SUPER hardcore the first week (probably close to 100 hours) just so I could do the raid at midnight and I was BARELY level 28 with 0 legendary weapons. After playing Destiny for quite a while after that, I am willing to bet that you'll probably NOT get better gear from engrams playing for 200 or even 300 hours than you would via faction packages, Xur, Nightfall, Raid, etc.

After a while a lot of people realized that doing anything more than the weekly heroic, nightfall and raid was a waste of time. For me this has always been the number one issue, since regardless of there being something for me to do or not, there was never a reason to do anything.

I could ramble on about this forever, but whats the point in really playing if I can progress at relatively the same speed as someone playing 100 hours a week by playing 7 to 14?

FamilyGuy1317d ago

"there was never a reason to do anything. "

I got gear all the time and kept playing to level that gear up. While leveling up my stuff, new stuff would drop and I'd move on to that. Lots of people have every exotic in the game but very few have every exotic in the game maxed out.

I had this done before the Dark Below dropped and had to restart because of the weapon cap rising to 331. Getting the new versions and upgrading them or using Xur to upgrade the favorites that I already had me burn out on the game. Everything was such a waste of time, luckily they won't be doing that again and the few level 300 exotics that I still have should be able to reach 365 right away with aetheric light.

Geez, talk about rambling -_-
My point was: There was always something to do because there was always something new to level up.

admiralvic1317d ago

@ Family Guy

"My point was: There was always something to do because there was always something new to level up."

I think my statement and point flew over your head.

I'm not talking about something to do, but a reason to do something. The main difference being the difference between obtaining a legendary or better item from marks, a package, raid, nightfall, Xur is so lopsided that it quite frankly doesn't make sense to spend your time farming for engrams.

Going back to my previous statement, why play 100 hours a week if someone can maintain your pace playing roughly 10% as much as you do?

FamilyGuy1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

The first part of your comment went right out of my memory. The first week you were farming engrams and later discovered it was a waste of time. I never farmed engrams, I just played the hell out of the game for fun and to level up the armor and weapons that I had.

I might've (literally) played 70 hours or so a week in the first couple weeks but it wasn't for random engrams. I was leveling up my vanguard getting those packages, playing pvp with friends and doing every bounty I could to level up my gear. At level 24 I literally got every exotic weapon bounty in the same week so I had all of them pretty early.

When the first raid dropped I was at level 24 or 25 with two characters and I was able to go in the raid but couldn't do it for a month after or more when my friends were ready.

Your point of "why bother...?" is something I agree with, it would be a waste of time to do things in that slow method, I never did that. The most annoying thing I did farm were those materials that you had to gather from the ground so I could upgrade my stuff.

showtimefolks1317d ago

How about the fact the sequel needs to be everything bungie originally announced it to be.

When the first time I read about destiny it said that this game will be a mixture of borderlands, halo and mass effect and I was so excited. Than it turned out to be a shooter only and nothing else

I hope bungie actually improves and not look at success of destiny and say people want more of the same

I am so sick and tired of crappy gamers keep buying shitty games that didn't deliver yet bitch and moan about wanting change in gaming industry

When broken games like assassin creed unity sell way more than quality titles than you know gaming has gone down the drain.

poppinslops1317d ago

But that's how we do business in the wasteland!

I just watched a video purporting to show everything they cut from the game... turns out it's much worse than I thought.

Bungie flat-out lied about Destiny.
Yeah, they showed footage of a ton of crap that isn't in the game, but it's the lies they told that really piss me off.

Saturn? Forget about it.
A rich story campaign? Go [email protected]©k yourself.
Jumping in your spaceship to Explore? No WAY, Jose.

Destiny was a joke... it doesn't deserve a sequel.

showtimefolks1316d ago

What's really sad is the fact so many people still play destiny so bungie can look at it as a huge success. I hate this idea of well it's a very good game, no its not

It isn't as rewarding as borderlands when it comes to loot shooters

The story or universe isn't as rich in history as mass effect

Now it dues have the game play like halo ig not better than halo

But overall a lot of cut content will be made available via dlc

OmegaShen1317d ago

Sorry but I like getting two kills in nightfall and get a exotic from it.

OmegaShen1317d ago

The fact you feel you need to reply is pathetic.

Halo2ODST21317d ago

The fact that you feel the need to reply to my reply is pathetic...

FamilyGuy1317d ago

Random drops and benefit or hinder anyone. I'm fine with the system because they have alternative routes towards getting what you want or something similar. You can buy most exotics from Xur if you're patient enough to wait for them to show up. You can get Legendary gear from vendors. I really don't see it as a problem.

Allsystemgamer1317d ago

My problem is carrying someone through a nightfall/they join last second when boss dies and they get gjallarhorn and I get a shard for doing all the damn work. Happened to me 7 times in the last 2 weeks.

They need to implement a system where the better you do the higher he chance of a rare/exotic drop.


There's always some ridiculous way of getting a weapon you want like "100 nightfall completed for gally" or "10 level 30 strikes without dying in a row"