Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts

Digital Foundry:
There's a palpable air of excitement surrounding the arrival of Windows 10 and DirectX 12 - a sense that the PC will finally shrug off the shackles holding it back and that the cutting-edge components released by AMD, Nvidia and Intel will finally reach something approaching their full potential. We experimented with Windows 10 this week and came to a highly satisfying conclusion - DX12 offers huge advantages to virtually all PC owners, but it will be a boon to AMD in particular, perhaps restoring some degree of plurality to the PC hardware market.

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Walker1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

what about xbone ? i hope dx12 be a game changer on bone as well :)

SpaceRanger1286d ago

Before this page even loaded, I already knew someone was going to try and squeeze Xbox one into this topic in a "hey maybe Xbox too!" fashion...

Looks like I was right lol

Khajiit861286d ago


Xbox Too!! Great idea, that is their next console.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1286d ago

Yeeeeees let me run a Nvidia and an AMD in one setuuuup :D got the 970, just need a 290 or a 295x2 (if I'm wrong on terminology my mistake, new to PC)

FlyingFoxy1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

I wouldn't bother, multi gpu gives a worse experience than single gpu most of the time. Go look on techreport at the r9 295x2 review. Basically higher reported fps isn't accurate to the actual viewing experience. You need to look at frame time latency tests. Overall SLI/CF is very hit and miss, mostly miss.

Frame drops, micro stutter and hitches happen in most games, they recommend a single gpu for smooth performance.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1286d ago

This with one free-sync monitor, one gsync monitor (both curved), would be pretty cool I think. Having special effects on any game is the biggest advantage, and I can avoid the fanboy BS

Anonagrog1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

That's because modern multi-gpu usage relies on buffering more frames the more gpus are used - thus increasing latency - along with duplicating resources over each gpu for driver enabled alternate frame rendering or similar. However, with D3D12 developer's will be able to choose which resources and commands to use across different gpus, and so allow for more tailored solutions rather than merely using each additional gpu in near-complete isolation to each other.

The most recent example given by Max McMullen at Build2015 would be to offload some post-processing to the secondary gpu whilst starting execution of the next frame on the first gpu. As post-processing operations tend to rely on just screen-space info this is a relatively good example of how even minor changes at a high-level can provide some great benefits that may boost overall throughput and serve to lower latency. With time more tailored solutions would be developed that seek to increase utilization further whilst improving quality.

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SniperControl1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

I am not holding my breath on this one, MS are kings of hype but yet delivering nothing.

However, i am willing to eat my words if DX12 proves to be a great leap for PC as MS say it is, i would love for my my 970 SLI setup to be used 100% instead of the 60% on DX11, but i just dont see it doing anything substantial TBH.

NoctisPendragon1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

DX12 will deliver i have seen the whole build conference (and understood it ) and i can say that DX12 is more than promosing , basicaly the PC will "almost" become like a consol to me (in general , it is harder since every PC are different ) .

Bigpappy1286d ago

LOL. This is Eurogamer doing the test. So if you think it is smoke and mirrors, then your lack of trust should be aimed at them. M$ had nothing to do with these test.

On topic : People are seeing great results on games the were not patched for DX12, let alone being designed around the features. So you have seen anything yet.

kstuffs1286d ago

It's actually the total opposite. MS has been intentionally underhyping all the DX12 stuffs. The performance gains MS have been quoting is up to 20-40% more while benchmarks show excess of 100-600% gains. It's Brad Wardell who has been hyping DX12. He even questioned why MS told developers to underhype and why MS hasn't mentioned anything about the new eSRAM APIs. MS isn't going to talk until they have something to show.

rainslacker1286d ago

DX12 is a pretty significant leap over current graphics API's. It also has a lot of other features which should have been implemented 10 years ago. I work with the API daily, and I've been impressed with the kinds of things it can squeeze out of existing hardware. There's a lot of excitement among the development community for it, because in the past, most of them had to write their own API's to get some of these features, and on PC that can be a pain due to the hugely different hardware set ups the dev would have to support.

DX was originally made to remove the need for that type of coding, but didn't really advance as fast as PC's or graphics cards did.

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Destiny10801286d ago

they managed to get one character on screen with four titan xs. I am impressed

DevilOgreFish1286d ago

It was 60 million polygons, 1 whole village, 8k textures presumably at @4k resolution @ unknown pperformance.

NoctisPendragon1286d ago

It was 4K and they said they could do it with 2 Titan x , 4 was to show off .

DevilOgreFish1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Right, The 4 titan setup was not the requirements to the demo. What they were instead showing was that the luminous engine supports quad GPUs and Dx12.

The same level and characters that they were showing in 2013, was running off a gtx680.

Agni's was running at 1080p 60fps on a gtx680.

NoctisPendragon1286d ago


Yeah 4 Titan X was the best way to prove all the DX12 multithreading , frame spliting and memory sharing freatures .

Thx for the info , FF XV on PC will bear extremly near the 2012 tech demo of Luminous Engine ( src : ) .

So it took them only 3/4 years to make the demo true , i remenber everyone saying "this is CGI i don't believe " .

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