10 Ways Project CARS Is a Better Racing Sim Than Gran Turismo and Forza

It's been a long time since we've seen a dedicated racing simulator with a large budget. You may be wondering what I mean by that when it's been less than two years since Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport pushed out a release. To put it simply, these series might be labeled as racing simulators, but they've been missing key ingredients that would earn them the respect of racing sim fans.

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showtimefolks1289d ago

Ok how can we compare this to GT? we have had 2 forza games and have yet to see GT, so calm down

Also for me personally I love forza horizon and drive club way more than sum racing. But there us just something about a new GT game that just excites me. If nothing else PD as a developer for GT knows how to do Sim racing

Dee_911289d ago

True, I think it would be best to wait for gt7 for a fairer comparison but I agree with this article.If this game had the customization that GT and forza has it would be an all around better game.

I do have a problem with this though.

"Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo have a history of duplicating chassis across similar cars, meaning that while one car might feel close to real-life, another doesn't even come close since it simply mimics another car. Project CARS has an individual model for each car, and one that has been designed with care."

1. It would be physically and beyond mentally draining to properly replicate the chassis of over 1k cars or even 500 in Forza's case, when you have a small amount of cars like pCars, their should be no duplicate chassis models.

2. I don't know about forza but, the cars with duplicate chassis models on gran turismo actually have the nearly identical chassis types in real life, from my knowledge.

TheCommentator1289d ago

FM and GT fans can finally agree on something! Project Cars is not better than either.

Unreal011289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I'm a huge GT fan, and Project Cars is a damn good game. If it had a few more cars and customisable options it'd probably beat GT and certainly Forza.

And lol @ the guy below calling it a pos game haha.

OrangePowerz1289d ago

No we don't agree on that. As a sim racer it is better. It has the better physics model, better wheel support (at least on the PC) and better damage model and those are the important parts about a sim racer.

TheCommentator1289d ago

There are way too many flaws in Project Cars for it to be a better game than the others. Frame rate drops on console, ghosting on PS4, screen tearing, etc. I don't personally think the physics are right either. On paper, however, it does have more sim elements so I guess it is a more complete sim.

OrangePowerz1289d ago

I play it on the PC (where I play all multiplatform racing games) so I don't suffer from those issues.

If you setup your wheel properly and setup the cars properly the physics feel very good.

PygmelionHunter1289d ago

I'm not buying this pos game solely because of what they did to all those Wii U owners who funded the game. Might as well wait for GT on PS4.

ThePresentIsAgift1289d ago

More delays then Gran Turismo=better?