EA Access – The Best Deal in Gaming History?

With a host of great games ready to play in their entirety along with early access and money off (albeit very little) all of EA’s major new releases, Brash Games would make the case for EA Access being the best deal in gaming right now…..possibly even ever.

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StrayaKNT1019d ago

Id say so I think it's the best subscription service out there just behind xbox live imo

Sayai jin1018d ago

It's a great deal. I used to to snatch up a few games. It paid for itself just on two purchases.

Liam23821019d ago

There are so many games for £20.

jackanderson19851019d ago

it's a fantastic service i think, i've made the cash spent back on discounts received and it's opened me up to new games that i'd never usually consider picking up

Liam23821019d ago

I was pleasantly surprised by NBA Live 15. Certainly better than I expected.

Liam23821018d ago

I've actually made money so far. Traded on Battlefield and now Fifa 15. I'm like £20 to the good.