Rocksteady Explains Batman: Arkham Knight Dual Play And Riddler’s New Robots

With Batman: Arkham Knight just over one month away, Rocksteady has launched a new weekly show to give a deeper look at the game. In the first episode of Batman: Arkham Insider, the team breaks down the most recent trailer and talks about the heroes’ motivations and conflicts among them.

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MrCherry1315d ago

Hope the Riddlers min game's are as fun,funny as the other one's.

Zero1091314d ago

Should have been online co-op. That would have been too epic!

DarkOcelet1314d ago

Watch the video, all the info is there and there are some great info.

Like, there is no loading between interiors and exteriors, the game is seamless with no loading screens.

Baszs1314d ago

The title is misleading because they explain nothing about dualplay!

jb2271314d ago

Yup, and they also mention Azrael seemingly wanting to take up the Bat mantle like he did in the Knightquest storyline from the books, adding credence to one of the big rumors that floated around not too long ago that I won't mention here for potential spoilers.

In regards to the dual play, I've been confused about it since it's announcement but it seems to be saying here that maybe it'll be a context type of thing where certain characters will be available for certain sections? Otherwise we will just have a bunch of characters & shoddy a.i. Following us around for our entire journey & that'll just be immersion breaking in my opinion. The Arkham games have been about one man on a seemingly insurmountable mission, but if you've got 3 or 4 heroes following you the whole time, that whole great aspect will vanish.

Also, the fact that they are moving into this cooperative realm, coupled with the fact that WB Montreal premiered the idea of the Suicide Squad in a game, combined w/ Warner Bros typical track record when it comes to these things makes me think that the next games from these two publishers will be of the movie tie in variety, but potentially meant to be set in the Arkham Universe. Time frames work out for WB Montreal to be working on a Suicide Squad game now for release next year to coincide w/ that film, while Rocksteady would be moving on to a co op centered Justice League title to coincide w/ that films release. Obviously wouldn't be ready in time for BvS but for the actual Justice league film proper which I believe may be 2017 or 2018?

Hopefully Arkham Knight is the end cap that this story truly deserves, but I'm afraid that WB noticing the success of these games could be ultimately detrimental, considering the high priced season pass, the loss of key talent like Paul Dini & the shoehorning of other lesser devs like Montreal into the franchise. Smells like a set up of the milking variety & that's typically pretty spoiled & putrid.

TheNemesis5011314d ago

the new info's in the videos not the article