Splatoon Global Testfire - First Impressions | VGChartz Preview

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "So, what's the final analysis? Well, without having played local multiplayer or the single-player campaign, I can't give any kind of reliable verdict. What I did play, however, was encouraging. Even when limited to four weapons (and several sub-weapons) and a handful of maps, I found the experience engaging and addictive, and as each match ended I couldn't wait to jump into the next one."

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N4g_null1289d ago

It's quake all over again....yeaaaaaaah. orange smoothie.

recto851289d ago

YES! It's fast - run'n gun true shooter unlike some other modern BS.

N4g_null1288d ago

No quick scooping here! All skill baby!

recto851288d ago

Splat Charger is my new Railgun!

3-4-51288d ago

* From what I've read on forums and from demo reviews is that most people found Splatoon to be even better than expected.

How many maps were available? 1 ?

Reeze1289d ago

I've had so much fun!! Splatoon is even better than I imagined!!

G3n3raL861289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Game's really good, but i've managed to play only 2 matches... I'm stuck alone at the lobby and i can't go back... I've pressed all the buttons but the power button:)

NinjaPovah1289d ago

Sometimes I have connection error every time I change loadout and what it helps me is getting quickly into tutorial and back to main menu. Maybe it will work for you too.

Adolph Fitler1289d ago

Has the game been released yet? I'm gonna need to buy this tomorrow, if so.

Although, Nintendo's online finesse, may require me to do some homework, as I'm not after a multiplayer game that NOT ONLY has connection issues, but also fails to sell well enough to make games online, viable & achievable 2 years from now....hell, 2 weeks from now, even. I have coasters on my PS3 & such, that are unplayable NOW, due to there ONLINE ONLY nature... MAG, Socom:Confrontation, etc, etc, easily come to mind, as starters.

Monster_Tard1289d ago

I know most will be getting it for the multiplayer, but Splatoon will have a single player campaign mode too, it's not online only.

Reeze1289d ago

I'm sure you won't have trouble finding people to play with later on, because Nintendo is going to be adding brand new content weekly! :)

TripC501289d ago

The paint roller is unstoppable in the right hands.

gerbwmu1289d ago

Seemed that way until a team of apparently well trained shooters had 2 guys taking out every squid while the other 2 painted 79% of the map. I think as we all get better the roller will be less dominate, at least as a front line weapon.

TripC501289d ago

Yeah but they are also a necessity. When I was trying out the charger I got on two teams without a roller player and we got demolished. I wonder if it would be better if we were given the option to change weapons during a battle.

AWBrawler1288d ago

the ink roller is not meant for attack, its meant as a weapon for the team inker or cleaner

inker= the guy who lays ink for the team to swim through.
cleaner= the guy who covers territory that the enemy tried to cover within your own turf you claimed.

its easy to shoot down the ink rollers, because they only work close range.

wonderfulmonkeyman1288d ago

The paint roller can actually be taken out quite reliably by a Charge weapon.
One shot at full charge from mid range will instantly KO a roller user before they are within range to squish you.
I have a feeling I would have gotten a lot of roller users cursing at me if voice chat were a thing, because I killed a sizeable number of them quite frequently with that charge gun.XD

ToxicSushi1288d ago

I agree that the paint roller needs some tweaking in that a team of 4 can dominate a map. I played the entire 60 min. and always won a match when all 4 had rollers.

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