E3 08: An 11-step Recipe For A (Mostly) Crap E3

So E3 '08 is finally over, and what a largely underwhelming week of drama and disappointment it was. But every show is a mixed bag and every show has its own personality, so over the next few pages you'll find our rundown of what happened, what was important, and how it affected GamesRadar's overall impression of the show this year. Snark and cynicism abounds!

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ash_divine3801d ago

hmmm.... I agree, they author made some good points.

here's hoping for TGS and Leipzig.

PS: anyone know if Sony's doing the Playstation Premiere this year?

PooPooPlatter3801d ago

After PS3 owners got:

The Mother of All FPSs with Killzone 2:

Graphics that people were calling impossible until the PS4
Amazing first person cover system
Unbelieable levels of world destruction/damage
Godly weapon animation, rendering, and action
32 player dedicated server online
Customizeable badge/class system
Valor Points betting on matches for overall clan rankings


Fat Princess

The incredible Little Big Planet shownig

The online video store the night of the keynote

256 player squad based MAG from the legendary Zipper/SOCOM guys

we can only sit back and laugh at the 360(a year delayed port coming out in two years!!!) and Wii(WiiMusic!!!) owner crying over how bad E3 was.