5 Terrible Mortal Kombat Clones That Time Forgot

In the 1990s, Mortal Kombat became a global phenomenon, spawning movies, albums of confrontational techno and even a live action tour. As with anything successful, lots of games wanted to hop on the bandwagon and grab some of that blood-soaked cash for themselves. But most of them soon realised you can't just dress your mate in a karate gi, film him doing some kicks in front of a greenscreen and have a smash hit videogame on your hands. Here are the five most egregious Mortal Kombat klones. Sorry, clones.

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950d ago
MrSwankSinatra950d ago

I was one of those rare kids that actually had an Atari Jaguar, with Kasumi Ninja. Needless to say not only did Kasumi Ninja suck, but the Jaguar was piece of crap as well. Though it did have a small (and I mean very small) percentage of good games. Two that come to mind are Rayman and Alien vs Predator.

hduce950d ago

Don't forget Aliens Vs Predator, Iron Soldier, and The Jaguar port of NBA Jam.

SolidGear3950d ago

I had Kasumi Ninja as well. Never got to play AvP on it though 😞

hduce949d ago

Aliens Vs Predator was really a good game. I played it last weekend. I was in retro mode. The game is still really good even today. The Jaguar problem was that it had complicated architecture and it didn't have the development community's support to get more out of it.

hduce950d ago

I'm ashamed to admit that own Kasumi Ninja and Way Of The Warrior.

SolidGear3950d ago

I wanted a 3DO predominantly for Way of the Warrior but never got one.

hduce949d ago

That was the one game that made me buy a 3do. At the time, The Way Of The Warrior was the best looking game that I had ever seen. I do have fond memories of the 3do. I still have it and the various different models that came out.

DonkeyDoner950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

that awkward moment when naughty dog create way of warrior

fingazblank949d ago

that picture is deceiving damn them sexy retro ladies