The 7 Trolliest Xbox Achievements That Ever Trolled

In online games, a troll is the player who amuses themselves by being a right pain in your neck or other sensitive and important body part, just for the lulz. But then sometimes it's not just for the lulz. These Xbox achievements reward trolls with real, actual gamerscore for classic troll behaviour - and you too, if you sink to their level.

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ThunderPulse1198d ago

Lost Planet 2 be number 1 on the leaderboards was insane

InTheZoneAC1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

The hardest achievement of all...

Achievement Unlocked:
-Play a recently released 1st party exclusive for the first time when a next gen system has it's release date within 2 years-

TheRedButterfly1198d ago

You do know that Halo 4 came out in November 2012, right? And that the XO released in November 2013, right?

Honestly, how deliberately poor is your memory?

Halo2ODST21198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

???? how is halo 4 relevent ? It's a 360 game from 2012 not an X1 game, halo 4 may look good but it's NOT next gen...