10 Worst Fatalities In Mortal Kombat History

Of course fatalities have become unsettling complex and well-animated in recent years as rendering tech advanced, so although an objective worst 10 could end up focusing on the first two games, instead this list will break down some of the worst from each of the ten instalments, each contributing their worst offender.

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Krimmson1170d ago

I personally don't agree with the Mortal Kombat Deception choice. Yeah, Nightwolf's first fatality is pretty bland, but Kobra's and Goro's second fatality beats it in the crap factor in my opinion.

Kobra just tenderizes them with his foot and then kicks the head off.

Goro takes his sais, stabs them, then takes one out and stabs them again in the face.

Those two are worse in my opinion.

thekhurg1169d ago

Hey look, it's another one of those terrible websites that make you click through 10 pages of four sentence content.

Hold_It1169d ago

@Krimmson, you remember Quan chi's retarded one in MKDA? The one where he jumps on your back and stretches your head to get a giraffe neck like Cassie Cage? That was probably the most uninspired fatality I've seen in all the games.

Krimmson1169d ago

They chose one fatality per game. For Deadly Alliance, they did choose Quan Chi's fatality and rightly so.
For Deception, they chose Nightwolf's first fatality, which again I don't think was the worst for that game.

Dan501170d ago

I like his double knife throw, the gurgling makes it really sick haha. Plus we all know how PAINFUL a nose injury is so that SPLITTING pain as it enters you and buries itself in your brain OUCH!

Skankinruby1169d ago

They all better be from Armageddon

Silly gameAr1169d ago

Oh, no doubt about that. IMO, I think Deception was the best MK game in that era and had the best and most diverse fatalities.

Mikeyy1169d ago

I completely forgot Armageddon didn't have fatalities. That is awful, such a shame for having so many characters in it.

I also feel Deception was the best PS2 MK game. Damn I loved Shujinko's combos, I had them all mastered.