Why I Love, and Sometimes Hate, PC Gaming

Vice: To get a game published on a console, it needs to be approved by Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft, who each have their own strict rules about what they allow onto their platforms. Ask any developer – especially indies – about this tedious hoop-jumping and you'll see a deep sadness flood into their eyes. In contrast, you can release whatever the hell you like on PC, and no one can stop you.

The result is PC being home to some of the most creative, interesting, subversive games you can play today. But, equally, it's heaving with crap too.

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DevilOgreFish1110d ago

PC doesn't have a lifespan, it Just keeps going. It may have a few golden ages, or slow times, but it's hardware and community Doesn't stop.

Khajiit861109d ago

Continues to grow. Anyone that loves gaming should build a rig. Its totally worth it. Love my PS4, but ever since I built my rig earlier this year, I have not touched the PS4 besides exclusives. I want to get games for PS4 because my friends are on PS4, but I cannot spend $60 on games like MKX, Witcher 3 etc. when I can get them for under $40 preordered on pc and use the money I saved on really cheap games from So many great games for under $5. I dont know how you can say no to PC gaming if you are a gamer and have some money towards a really good gaming rig, The money you save on games makes up for that real quick, especially if you buy games like I do.
Witcher 3 $33.61
Arkham Knight $28.01

ravencry1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I keep most of my Multiplatform games on My PC. I sold my last gen consoles(except wii u) and bought Ps4 and Xbox one.

But multiplatform purchases are still on steam. i can play dishonored and bioshock infinite.

can't say the same for console Only gamers who sell their consoles to buy ps4 or xbox one. even though some of them would still keep ps3 and xbox 360.

Emulators, Cheaper games , Mods.....

This is why i like PC.

kaizokuspy1110d ago

I very much understand your preference. When I jump from ps4 to pc I've been saving for one hell of a rig. My father is the pc gamer and I've always been console. There's no question games look better on pc and adding mods makes the experience more awesome, but for me, I've seen the eyes of God in my father's gaming rig. Cost like $3k to build, it's a beast. I can't make the jump to pc gaming until my rig is equal to if not better than his. Doctors man, their gaming is superior lol. The outlier beyond that as why I've stayed with ps4 this gen, is because of simplicity. I'm decent in being tech savvy, but I'm really waiting on windows 10 and all that jazz. I'm excited, can't wait to join the master race with a minor in console plebianism.

--bienio--1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

All my live Im play on Pc and never going to change this!! Freedom, choices, k/m, mods, upgrade etc..Pc gaming has made an amazing comeback in the last 5 years.:) Pc master race no doubt:)
"PC is the most exciting platform to play games on"

battlegrog1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

It still blows my mind and acutely confused,To why ms has not yet made a full on xbox program on pc.just like steam and crappy origin. It would be jack pot.

Game industry is Bout game sales not hardware sales. Ms is a software company.

This xbox love stream to pc is good but they could have huge sales of acutel digit pc sales.why do they not dk this? Beats me

Somebody1109d ago

That's because MS is trying to bring an enclosed console system into a open platform like the PC. No one fully owns the PC system so having MS move in and claim the whole system for itself would only bring catastrophic backlash.

MK24ever1110d ago

I love building PCs and mess around with all the technicalities, but, PC's feel like traitors all the time, you can start building an awesome PC and by the time you end an already better component is out and you feel outdated already, I still remember when a Voodoo by 3DFX was all the rage...
Then there's the local MP aspect of it, or the lack of it I mean, I have kids now, PCs suck as local MP machines, they tend to get noisy and need constant cleaning to...

So yeah, PCs are awesome when you want to fulfill your needs as a geek and have lots of money and time to spare, consoles are awesome to game without any of the fuss PCs require, and honestly, if all you think about is frames per second and resolution and AA and all that stuff, you're more into hardware than the games themselves.

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