Editorial: Maybe The Witcher 3 Isn't Just For RPG Fanatics

Usually, role-playing games don't really interest those who never go near the genre. But perhaps Wild Hunt will be the perfect "gateway RPG" for many.

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ninsigma1263d ago

I wouldn't say gateway RPG. Sometimes a game will come along in a genre that you hate that as an exception to your rule, but playing said game doesn't necessarily mean you will become a fan of said genre. I wouldn't be the biggest RPG fan in the world, I wouldn't actively go out seeking and RPG, but FF7 and kingdom hearts are two of my favorite games ever. Skyrim also enticed me to buy it and I had no regrets for that game. The Witcher 3 is one that has me genuinely excited and I can't wait to play it but I'm not going to become a huge RPG player because of it. I will agree though that this is definitely not an RPG fanatic only game. I think the devs made sure of that.

MrCherry1263d ago

I love Oblivion, and if I get as much out of this as I did oblivion it may make me come back to REELY like playing RPGs again.

sevilha821263d ago

I really belive that the witcher is gonna be a new mark in Rpg's and videogames generes in general,it will be an amazing experince for the fans of the series,the Rpg fans in general and it's sucess will expand to other gamers of diferent tastes.because when a game is really good it branches to many diferent tastes.At least i belive in that.

1263d ago