Oculus on PlayStation 4? It’s Not That Crazy

Sony’s public position on Oculus has always been that it doesn’t see Oculus as competition, but as something of an ally in the larger battle of making virtual reality an actual reality.

And quite frankly, if virtual reality takes off, we’ll all only want one single VR headset anyway, just like we wouldn’t buy separate televisions for our Xbox One and PS4.

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jujubee881114d ago

Not likely bc Project Morpheus is going to be repped at this years E3 and OR (like PM) launches in 2016.

deadpoolio3161114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Thats cool and all IF you want it for your PC maybe for your Xbox, but chances are slim Sony will let it anywhere near the PS4, not when the already have Project Morpheus. And honestly I don't see MS pushing Oculus either since they'll have hololens to push...

Peace_Love_and_FPS1113d ago

I'll wait on a price drop on hololens and an Xbox, probably around Christmas if I can get a good deal

rainslacker1113d ago

I find it unlikely as well. However, unless Sony has some grander plan in having their own device for VR, I think it would be beneficial to VR adoption if they courted Occulus to produce the hardware for the PS4. Would keep the market from being divided, and could preempt MS own use of Occulus which would also be beneficial for gaming

While I think competition is good, there are times when one cohesive vision can be much better for the industry in the long term.

Unfortunately, I see the PS brand as the only place to benefit from Morpheus for the time being, and that could hinder it's support like we saw with motion controllers last gen.

elninels1113d ago

Ultimately it will be content. If sony can craft compelling exclusive content people will buy it. occulus will sell well period. PC has a big install base and more content.

KryptoniteTail1114d ago

I always thought that they should team up, the Morpheus Rift.

wsoutlaw871113d ago

Was possible before, but now that Facebook owns it, I seriously doubt it.

rainslacker1113d ago

I don't think Facebook has any moral objections to working with Sony. They aren't targeting the hardcore gaming market themselves, so could be beneficial for adoption if they partnered with Sony on this venture, as Occulus is likely to be a more supported standard than Morpheus is.

ThanatosDMC1113d ago

There was an article saying that Sony approached them but was turned down but then when Morpheus was revealed and was ahead of Oculus, Oculus approached Sony.

zsquaresoff1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

"Sony’s public position on Oculus has always been that it doesn’t see Oculus as competition"

On the contrary, it was palmer luckey who said that morpheus is an inferior product which will ruin the aura surrounding Virtual realty and doesn't see it as competition.

Aggesan1114d ago

Thats quite funny as most people who have tried both have favoured Morpheus.

DigitalRaptor1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

It's true that from last GDC, more people came away saying that Morpheus excels in more areas and had the most immersive and polished demos as well as the more comfortable, adjustable and ergonomic hardware, but Oculus Rift is equally as impressive in other areas.

This impressions video from GDC is great:

We'll see what the final verdict is next year, but I think PS4 will gain a win on the polished game as a commercial product front, whilst Oculus will gain a win on the basis that it's a PC device that has way more flexibility by working with an open platform first and foremost. The users will be able to make it work with any game they choose to put the time into. However, any game on Morpheus will need to be certified before being released.

iamnsuperman1114d ago

Well for Oculus to compete it needs to have:

¤Similar or better specs

¤Same or cheaper price tag

¤Be on more devices than just PCs

It needs to have all of that. Even though I feel VR will take off more with the PC crowd than the console crowd; it still needs to be cross platform it give the perception of great value. Being limited to one platform doesn't give that perception

someOnecalled1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

OR always had better spec Sony mainly played catch up or me too, so I don't get your point. Be on more devices? Are you applying this rule to Morpheus? I doubt it. Being on PC gives them more freedom and more application outside of gaming unless Morpheus . if your believe everything you said that mean Morpheus would fail before OR. Oh yeah, the also have VR gear with Samsung this their tech. They're in partnership with Samsung. Sony even me too the NASA idea from them, they had the contract first. Corporation always bullies others ideas.

I know y'all don't follow tech, or anything for that matter when its not by Sony but at least research before you say stuff. Ever since OR was announced they been transparent and gone to vr events telling their findings. Sony devs admit they had a rift devkits before and somehow everything OR announce in the pass is in their prototype( big corps can easily implement stuff). Even after Morpheus reveal OR devs was still stating findings. What do Sony do. The "oh me too" they repeat what the say and implement or say they are going to.

People that on Liston to what Sony say are not going to notice this. Just how suddenly how particle effects was invented this gen

ThanatosDMC1113d ago

When Morpheus was unveiled the people favored Morpheus over the old crappy Oculus. Morpheus had better specs at the time and much more ergonomic and lightweight. Watch the yt vids for Morpheus hands on reviews.

someOnecalled1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

No they didn't when Sony announce Morpheus OR devkit 2 was out look up the specs. I'm sorry y'all don't follow anything besides Sony. OR is also looking into higher res. And only a few said Morpheus was better most said OR was better. OR devs also stated the best frame rate, fov, and many other thing that should be the minimum for vr. Sony always show up and repeat, y'all just go while because y'all don't hear anyone else but them. Funny how that works.

Just like onlive. Now game streaming is great but a few years ago it was bad and a waste of time. PS fanboy the definition of hypocrisy.

Oh and you said old crappy. I do remember those article they was comparing dk1 you know the one with 720p display. Y'all are so selective when choosing facts. Y'all maybe didn't even know they showed head track with the camera at the Dev conference

Ashlen1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

I don't see them as entirely competing, Sony is aiming for the entertainment market, where as Occulus I see as looking more towards the industrial/business aspect with use for gaming as a viable option.

Either way i'm still skeptical that the masses are going to want to buy these devices for day to day use. I mean not that there the same, but look at 3D on TV's that died primarily because of the glasses which people didn't like to wear and you needed to have a set for each person involved. And the glasses were MUCH lighter and MUCH cheaper.

That's my opinion. We'll see how it turns out.

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