The Most Disappointing Omissions from Sony at E3

The article deals with missing games and announcements from Sony at E3:

- Team Ico's Abscene
- No Home Release Date
- Lack of RPGs


Team Ico Absence* Sorry for the spelling error... :P

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Silogon3773d ago

they no doubt axed this game the same way they did White Knight, eight days and Getaway. Afterall we have to buy more FPS for the ps3, man! We got to! 55 in under 2 years is just not going to cut it!

out right now
bad company
blacksite area 51
call of duty 3
call of duty 4
condemned 2
conflict denied ops
the darkness
quake wars
oblivion (optional)
History channel battle for the pacific
The orange box
soldier of fortune payback
time shift
Rainbow six vegas
Rainbow six vegas 2
Unreal 3

coming soon
Resistance 2
Killzone 2
Legendary the box
Brothers in arms
Blood trails
Call of duty 5
Alien marines
far cry 2
project orgins
bio shock
rouge warrior
arma 2
section 8
alliance the silent war
black 2
chronicles of riddick
deus ex 3
duke nukem
interstellar marines
postal 3
prey 2
time splitters 4


gaminoz3773d ago

I was hoping they would try Getaway again. I know it had its problems last gen, but they might have been able to get it right this time. At least it was an open world game NOT IN THE US for once.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3773d ago

I wasn't Disappointed at all!!!;) AWESOME E3 by SONY!!! ;-P

decapitator3773d ago

*sigh*..Another wannabe journalist weighs in. Seriously. Its enough already.

Playstation Man3773d ago

No Team Ico was a dissapointment. But RPGS? Disgaea, Valkyria Chronicles, Exclusive-content Eternal Sonata and White Knight Chronicles announced last month to be out before March 31, 2009 and probably dominating the TGS. Yeah, I like that line-up.

morganfell3773d ago

I can't help but think MS is really desperate right now. Who was missing any sort of games at E3? It sure wasn't Sony. MS and Nintendo didn't have any titles. I don't mean multiplatform titles I mean original games. Look at what Sony showed for the PS3, PSN, the PSP.

What did MS have? Nintendo? That idiot that wants to call himself a joutnalist can go hang himself. Here is my middle finger pinhead. Nothing you can do will stop the inevitable.

Panthers3773d ago

I think Sony saved a lot for TGS. They always have cool stuff to show there.

C_SoL3773d ago

I thought they showed a lot. I'm happy what they showed.

Wii60Fan3773d ago

A blog post does NOT make for a necessarily good news items.

Dannagar3773d ago

I don't care about God of War III, I wanted to hear what Team Ico had up their sleeves.

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thor3773d ago

Woah chill out everyone they've done this for Ninty and MS as well ;)

MaximusPrime3773d ago

dont care. Sony has already owned E3.

gaminoz3773d ago

You've got to be kidding. There was barely anything new. How long are we waiting for Home? It looks like in the space of time since Sony announced it (a long long time ago), Microsoft has been able to copy and will probably get their version up and running before Home ever arrives.

I love my PS3 but I wish Sony would stop announcing things that are WAY down the road and overpromising.

As for lack of RPGs, I don't mind; not really into them.

Codeman4203773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

ms wont be releasing their update till the end of fall. sony has already said that the open beta for home is at the end of Q3. and for all of you who dont know thats Sept. So as long as everything goes to plan sony will still get home out before MS updates there console with the Sony/Nintendo Avatar system, with a few tweeks.

Xiru3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Sony showed actual GAMES. Also of note is the fact that their video download service went live that same night. Who knows when Netflix will go live for 360. The quality of the titles available on PSN is impressive to say the least. While I don't believe Sony "owned" the show, they definatley won it by focussing on what gamers actually want. PS3 destroyed 360 sales for the month of June in the US, which is very unusual and I hope its a trend to come. We will see if the sales decline this coming week because of the e3 announcements. I'm hoping it has little effect.

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