The Nintendo "NX" - Potentially Expensive?

Splatoon this, and Splatoon that... Maybe if you get a little burned out on Splatoon news, you can check out this discussion on the Nintendo "NX" from Jason at PlayerEssence!


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KryptoniteTail1264d ago

I hope. That means it may be a decent console, hardware-wise.

3-4-51263d ago

* I could see Nintendo's next Handheld & Console being one thing for $500.

You can detach it for on the go play and it will have it's own separate games, but when you plug it into the console or snap it in, you can play the handheld games on console and use the handheld as a controller but don't have to as the console will have a normal controller.

pixelsword1263d ago

The Wii U is already a decent console; they just screwed their new fanbase by replacing a simple, fun controller with a unwieldy controller.

They would be in first or second right now if they just stuck to what worked.

KaladinStormblessed1264d ago

We know nothing about it...stop writing articles about it.

hells_supernova1264d ago

It could also be a car that transforms into a unicorn that can fly into space

MasterCornholio1264d ago

And it fly's by farting rainbows right?

N4g_null1263d ago

I'd buy two as long as it has da powerz full of specs!

It's going to be a slight external video card with two r390s in it. I'm pretty sure because I dream that. It's also going to have 3d ram and a full Mario suit... ha vr... we got Mario suitware.

Yeah I hope they do this and leave the wiiu as the middle console and the handheld as the cheap portable in xl and 2ds forms.

Lol I bet the nx comes with a cell phone for in game chat lol and a bill to match.

Lucreto1263d ago

I bet there would be major disappointment when it turns out to be a new handheld.

STK0261263d ago

I don't think it would necessarily be a bad thing or lead to disappointment. If it's powerful enough and has the ability to stream its content on a tv like most smartphones can, it could be the best of both worlds.

The main advantage of having only one platform out is that Nintendo could give it much more support than when trying to share their time and money supporting two platforms. It would result in more games and an overall better release schedule.

And if they do intend to go for one platform only, a handheld makes much more sense. Japan has been moving away from consoles but still loves its handhelds. As for the rest of the world, going with a handheld means facing the Vita and it's potential successor as opposed to facing the much more successful Ps4. If the NC were to release in 1 or 2 years, priced like a console (300-400$), it could offer graphics performance close to the current gen consoles, but in a portable format.

Of course this is nothing more than speculation, but I do believe it could work out pretty well if executed correctly.

BladerunnerZX1263d ago

The NX will be a hybrid console / handheld.