Is Bloodborne Playable for Dark Souls Rookies?

When From Software’s, Bloodborne came out over a month ago, Josh instantly fell in love with it’s stunning environments, awesome weapons, and terrifying creature design. Josh was so enamored with the game, that he couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks, and he had to tell mhis best friend every time he defeated a boss or a new challenging enemy.

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amnalehu1263d ago

Not only is it playable for Souls rookies, it's actually a great entry point for souls rookies.

psplova1263d ago

Yes. Haven't we been over this already!?

ninsigma1263d ago

Very much so. Mainly because of the huge improvement (IMO) in the gameplay. I played one of the souls once and I really didn't enjoy the gameplay (I know others will disagree but it just wasn't for me). Bloodborne's gameplay is a lot quicker a lot more fluid and for me more enjoyable. I think it equips you a lot better for handling the tough battles so in that sense is much more open for newbies (like me :D)

psforward1263d ago

It was a great place to start for me.