Bioware Wants to Make a New KOTOR; Battlefront Gets Tusken Raiders and Ewoks

Star Wars Battlefront was known for having neutral factions, such as Ewoks and Tusken Raiders. It appears that trend will continue in the new Battlefront. Plus, Bioware voices interest in doing a possible KOTOR 3 or Star Wars game!

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bigpiece1044d ago


_-EDMIX-_1044d ago

I think they are trolling, they are likely making one right now as it was confirmed 3 teams where making a SW game currently at EA.

3-4-51044d ago

* It's already being made.

If this much has been allowed to be talked about they are just trying to see how much interest there is in that and let people know it's most likely going to be made.

* I'd guess it revolves around Episode 7 maybe right before or maybe after the movie or during.

* November 2017 would be my guess.

It would line up well with the Episode 8.

NukaCola1044d ago

Jedi Knight IV
Roguess Squadron 3

^^^^ All these please!!

Septic1044d ago

Aaah Rogue Squadron <3

DeadlyFire1042d ago

I do agree but Activision always held Jedi Knight. So I Don't know who owns that one. It should be made either way even as a spiritual successer if they must its very deserving of a sequel i believe

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Ashunderfire861044d ago

Kotor was my favorite original Xbox game. It really started that good and evil ending idea in RPGs.

Summons751044d ago

I say reboot KOTOR, set it apart from 1, abomination, and TOR and make it it's own thing. Give it a fresh start since it's been so long and establishing story when a lot of people haven't play TOR would be difficult.

matrixman921044d ago

If they do make a new KOTOR, it will definitely be a reboot. All star wars stuff made now has to be canon. 1 and 2 arent canon. They wouldnt name it 3 if the first two dont count.

NukaCola1042d ago

Is that true??? Are they rendering all non Disney Star Wars content meaningless to the universe?

sourav931044d ago

Personally, I would love if they made a KOTOR game as a real time action RPG like The Witcher series, or Elder Scrolls, instead of FF type combat. It's a personal preference, but I think it would make the game ever better.

Nolando1044d ago

please do not TEASE ME! ARG!

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The story is too old to be commented.