The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Footage On Conan Was Not Running On Xbox One, No Flying Mounts And More

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is nearly upon us and if you've been paying attention to Conan O' Brien, the man himself had a chance to review the game. Interestingly, the Xbox One copy was showcased in the intro of the video, leading many to believe that the gameplay footage was from the X1 version.

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Transistor926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Not surprising. I guess people are streaming it and it looks good so it should be no reason for concern as of now.

But, Microsoft should stop doing this and show the Xbox version of games.

It's very deceiving.

Abash926d ago

There was no reason for them not to use the Xbox One version, they clearly were trying to make it seem like it was running on the platform when playing on Conan

rdgneoz3926d ago

Yep, they were showing the xbone game case and using an xbox controller. They already got caught advertising PC footage as xbone footage on their youtube channel ( ), you figured they'd learn.

Satyre28926d ago

You guys have absolutely no business sense at all lol. If you have a product and are advertising it arent you gonna show the BEST version of that product? Its called marketing, and EVERY single car dealership/commercial does it. You know when they show you that car on the commercial and in the smallest print ever barely readable pretty much says how the version being shown is like the premium version that costs like 15 grand more. You guys seem to forget that PC is MS and Xbox is MS they are not competing with eachother. Also who knows if this was a decision by CDPR, stop making MS seem like these devils its really getting old.

Grap926d ago

If you are a fan of Conan you would know why Xbox was laying there it's because they do weekly live show on xbox and stream it on twitch they play games on it and answers Question.

Griever926d ago


There is also a thing known as "false marketing/advertisement," which is a crime. A business is not allowed to lie or deceive its customers in order to convince them to buy its products. It is illegal and unethical. Some people might justify it but nobody likes it when they are the ones on the receiving side of a lie or deception.

Army_of_Darkness926d ago

Yeah bro, Sony should totally learn from MS's deceiving the consumer type of advertising ways in order to be ahead in sales and all.... Oh, wait a sec...

u got owned926d ago

They were just previewing the game, i dont think there was a mention of the game being on XBO. I dont undeestand what itsall the fuz about.

Dirtnapstor926d ago

Right, it's not a big deal. He's been doing his thing on MS platforms.

As long as PS button prompts don't pop up, no real claim to "false advertisement".

Septic926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Its not just MS doing it. Remember when the latest Batman game was shown off at E3 with PS4 button prompts? That was disingenuous too.

When I raised that people here were passing the blame onto the devs. Now it's Microsoft's fault here?

Either way its not on but sheesh...the double standards

nicksetzer1926d ago

IDK why they do this, the game looks just fine on xb1, watched a stream earlier. In fact, the footage from conana didn't seem as clear as ultra on PC, so maybe it was a similar setting to XB1. Which makes it even more stupid not to just use XB1 footage.

GameNameFame926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

It is their ultimate admission over and over that they do not think X1 version of graphics is not good enough.

Funny how people say they cant see resolution or this or that.

MS themselves clearly see it. and up to a point that they are willing to lie about it over and over.

tuglu_pati926d ago

Why are people blaming MS for this? MS didn't go to Conan it was CD Project. Are people really that desperate to bash MS? its getting really sad.

Docknoss926d ago

These average age 13 year old Sony fanboys are out in full force today.

Unspoken925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

Yes, this used to be the Dev's fault, now it's Microsoft's for the clicks.

Oh the irony.

Funny how none of the folks commenting brought Sony up on charges when they showed The Order in their previews\commercials before the graphics down grade.

I thought there was some news here...? This is just another anti MS circle jerk.

If you want to see XBO footage why not ask CD Project themselves?

someOnecalled925d ago

Septic did you forget what site this hypocrisy is the foundation of PS fanboys game. Even when you point it out they will just deny it and down vote you. How it ms fault that cdproject did this.

wegetsignalx918d ago (Edited 918d ago )


Arkham Knight E3 footage is more forgivable because it was much earlier in development, CG/in-engine/development footage is common on E3 trailers, no Playstation branded Arkham Knight boxes or the like were shown, controllers/consoles shown, etc. It is not hypocrisy to point out how much worse this is.

This isn't even the first time on Conan that PC footage was used for an XB1 game right about to launch. They did the same thing with Forza 5, with the infamous 3D to cardboard crowd downgrades.


The Order was not downgraded from pre-release gameplay footage. Stop spreading lies.

@someOnecalled, Unspoken, Docknoss

All making baseless personal attacks because people are rightfully criticizing Microsoft. Sad.

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gangsta_red926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Well considering Conan and the other guy was fast forwarding to specific locations in the game of course it wouldn't be a retail version for Xbox One but a copy sent from the developer specifically for the show.

But I guess any excuse to freak out and blame MS for something is good may continue your false concern.

Blackleg-sanji926d ago

O stop the man had an Xbox controller and an Xbox game case of a ms advertised heavy game -_- the fact that it wasn't Xbox gameplay is very misleading

Chevalier926d ago

Confirmed PC old build by producers and using Xbox One controller and showing Xbone case isn't misleading, right Gangsta? Wow and your excuse is what?

gangsta_red926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Oh No!! An Xbox controller plugged into a PC and Conan holding a Xbox One box!! That can only mean that the Xbox One game will look so different and wont have any of the events, content, action, sex scenes shown on Conan.


Damn you MS for tricking us again with your deception! How dare they show footage from an old PC build as Senior Games Designer at CD Projekt RED Damien Monnier said on his twitter!

C'mon everyone, lets all post our hate and rage and pretend that Microsoft is deceiving us gamers into thinking that Witcher 3 is coming out for Xbox One.

Wait...Witcher 3 is coming out for Xbox One...Okay...well...uuuum Why didn't they show Xbox One footage EH!?

Oh...because there were certain scenes the devs/producers specifically wanted Conan to play on a 5 minute TV segmant that couldn't be played on a normal playthrough version of Witcher 3 for Xbox One?

Okaaaay...Well .... they should of had a blank controller and, and shown a blank poster with text that says Witcher 3 and stood up and specifically told their late night viewers that it's coming out for every single system (naming all of them off) because now all Conan fans feel cheated.

MS marketing deal be DAMNED! Hilarious!

Transistor926d ago


You could have just posted this.

and saved yourself a bunch of typing.

Have some respect for yourself. That was the rantiest rant I've seen in a while. I feel sorry for your keyboard.

gangsta_red926d ago (Edited 926d ago )


Coming from the guy who used up all his bubbles pretending he's mad at MS and concerned for the average consumer that was supposedly duped.

I can only imagine that as soon as you saw this headline you instantly went..

And couldn't wait to be the first to comment.

On Topic:
What exactly is misleading everyone?
Was there something shown in the Witcher 3 footage from Conan that won't be in the Xbox One version?

Where exactly is the false advertising coming in at? Is Witcher 3 not coming to Xbox One? Was that footage shown so incredibly awesome looking that there is no way it can look like that on Xbox One even when the developer said it's from a very old PC build.

_-EDMIX-_926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

I much do they pay you?

Chevalier926d ago

Wow Gangsta here to make excuses for the misleading advertising. Shocker that your here to make excuses as usual.

Have you even watched the video?

They ONLY show the Xbox One cover not the PS4 or PC then proceed to play the game what else is anyone to assume? So if Conan Obrien was using a PS4 controller and we found out it was PC you would be in here saying how PS4 fanboys are here to defend misleading everyone yet here you're defending this?!

The PC game will look significantly better than Xbone and people expecting similar graphics are being mislead is what people are trying to explain to you. Truly blind idiotic fanboyism.

PeaSFor926d ago Show
Pogmathoin926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Gangsta, if you ignore Maria, it will go away.... I mean, to say none of this was staged??

Pees4, bubble were been given away..... To see an example of bubble system wrong, super trollers like morganfell and xheavy are an better example.

gangsta_red926d ago (Edited 926d ago )


So from the footage they shown on Conan, the Xbox One footage will look so drastically different, so terribly noticeable that people will throw their controllers down in disgust and proceed to blame MS for being mislead?

Is this what you are actually saying?

"So if Conan Obrien was using a PS4 controller and we found out it was PC..."

First, I would use common sense and say for a segment like Conan, they would not have the time to play through the whole game to record and show the exciting parts in the game, so therefore the developers would send Conan a build that had the specific locations and events for them to play. (Which was true)

Hell, even in the video the guy bends down to switch to different scenes in the game. Did anyone else not see this, would this be a feature in the Xbox One version?

Second, the guy from CDProject admitted they sent Conan an OLD PC version to play. This is now MS's fault? MS is now held accountable for false advertisement? And who knows maybe the current Xbox One version looks better than the OLD PC version.

Third...who gives a rat's a**! You guys are hilarious in pretending that MS is misleading the video game consumers down dark tunnels filled with lies and regrets.

But Like I said, it's MS, so of course certain posters are quick to point the finger and say MS's fault. They showed a Xbox One box and played with an Xbox wired controller, they should have said PS4 and PC too...even though MS has the television marketing deal for Witcher 3, like Sony had for Destiny.

But whatever, you guys are so convinced that this is some MS plot. There really isn't any point in this discussion.

Now I await two very specific N4G users for this discussion to be truly complete.


Yea, because Transistor is a shining example of bubble's done right.

Pogmathoin926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Gangsta, sad thing is these people causing a fuss are people that have no interest n Xbox one. If they have time to comment in things that they have no interest in, it must say a lot about themselves..... But if you mention how Sony had to pay over false advertising BS capabilities with PS3 and Vita, you would be shot down here, even though FTC forced them to pay consumers....... And they say only MS practises in bullshlt behaviour.....

At below re2_apocalypse, so, your saying two wrongs make a right? You lot keep saying that, but it show immaturity.

Jason_Plays_PC926d ago

Well considering Conan and the other guy was fast forwarding to specific locations in the game of course it wouldn't be a retail version for Xbox One but a copy sent from the developer specifically for the show.

But I guess any excuse to freak out and blame MS for something is good may continue your false concern.

Epic facepalm for gangsta red... Im actually mouth wide open looking at that comment...

kenshiro100926d ago

Are you...seriously having a meltdown?

I guess in your eyes, Microsoft can do no wrong!

ThanatosDMC925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

Hardcore smokes and mirrors here. Surprised that people still let this crap pass.

This is the same thing Ubisoft pulled with Watchdogs and AC Unity. CD project should be accountable not MS.

wegetsignalx918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

People are rightfully criticizing MS over this issue. The response to this criticism (flaming and anti-Sony nonsense) is sad.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf926d ago

I can't believe Microsoft are still pulling these tricks. Show's nothing has changed with them.

q8kik925d ago


That's still deceiving and dirty if that's what you want to hear.

lelo2play926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Seriously... who cares witch version is shown, besides fanboys. The game is the same on the PC/X1/PS4 with a few extra pixels in one version or another.
If you guys want the version with more pixels, just go with the PC version and stop whining.

Sony fanboys this generation are becoming insufferable...

re2_apocalypse926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

"Sony fanboys this generation are becoming insufferable... "

Just like the Xbox fanboys last generation? Christ, they were everywhere, thinking every game was better on the 360. Graphics, loading, blah blah blah. None fu**ing stop...

It is fanboys in general on both sides; get over yourself

Why o why926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Sick and tired of the new age cry baby victims who stay sooooo quiet and are fine when it's the other way around. IF this was sony these same guys would have a lot to say.

These things do happen though. Its not the biggest act of deception but an act of deception it is. C'mon the pad and dummy xbox case...c'mon

wegetsignalx918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

Who cares? Plenty of people, apparently.

The difference between 900 and 1080p is 633,000 pixels, not "a few". PS4 version of Witcher 3 also reportedly has a higher framerate.

Why are you singling out "Sony"? PC gamers are be calling this deceptive as well.

BoriboyShoGUN926d ago

@Satyre its called false advertising!!! I understand in trailers they always use high-end PC's but for actual gameplay show the "actual gameplay" for that system!

Letthewookiewin926d ago

I knew it wasn't on an X1 as soon as I saw the vid. Guy had a wired controller.

BigGamersSmallTalk926d ago

Just want to point out that CDPR were the ones who sent Microsoft and Sony the same PC footage that went up on their respective YouTube channels. And CDPR (not Microsoft) were the ones who chose to send Conan an older PC build.

I understand it's the "cool" thing to blame Microsoft for every little thing these days, but this is one case where the developers were the ones who goofed.

christocolus926d ago

bubs up.I was about to post the exact same comment. CD projekt confirmed that the builds used to demo the game did indeed come from them. it's even updated on the xbox youtube channel. why do i even bother?the game looks great and i'm definitely going to pick it up,once i'm done playing pt2 on my xbox 360.

TheGreatGamer926d ago

People are so quick to blame MS. CDPR are the ones deceiving people.

Ciporta1980926d ago

I was actually thinking why is it Microsoft's fault?

TheGreatGamer926d ago

@Ciporta N4G and most gaming media are so biased against MS and XB1 that's why but did you see anyone from MS on that conan show? CDPR are the one's advertising the game falsely and sending MS promotional gameplay, not the other way around. I honestly do not care how many of you disagree with this simply and purely due to you favouring the PS4 which is a pathetic reason to blast MS for this and not CDPR. Gamers seriously need to grow up, especially on this site.

SonofGod926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Sony have done the exact same thing:

Sony should check their PhotoShop skills lmao

UKmilitia926d ago

MS doing the naughty again.
Games companies should be fined for this.
it shoudl be LAW that any game shown should have platform and version in corner at all times.

lelo2play926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

If that's so, they would have to fire every game developer out there, including Sony. Everybody uses bullshots to promote their games.

TheSaint926d ago

Deception is Microsofts speciality.

BallsEye926d ago

Didn't see you or anyone else here about sony using a 60 fps CGI with HUD and then lie it's running real-time on ps4 0 watch original video, there is actually HUD there. - kz2 e3 on ps3...not a single game released so far looks that good.
So please, if you talk about deceiving, don't forget Sony.

wegetsignalx918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

Uncharted is not out, and it has not been downgraded.

Deep Down was a CG trailer and never claimed to be realtime or gameplay.

Killzone 2 was an in-engine CG trailer, like most E3 game reveals. The final game looked very similar.

None of that is deceptive. Publishers use CG trailers for game reveals all the time. This is completely different.

It's sad that when people rightfully criticize MS, the response is flaming and lies/hypocrisy against Sony.

kenshiro100926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

@ Septic: Except that Sony never claimed Batman was running on a PS4.

It clearly showed that it was running on a PC.

maniacmayhem926d ago

Except Conan never claimed Witcher was running on Xbox One.

kenshiro100925d ago

The XBox controller was still misleading. Keep moving those goal posts.

maniacmayhem925d ago

Xbox controllers can be used for PC's.

What exactly is misleading?

TheTwelve925d ago

It doesn't matter. People know what's up now. Nobody will buy it on Xb1 if they have another choice.

3-4-5925d ago

* Will it look better than Witcher 2 ?

Ok good. then it's good enough.

meche334925d ago

I didnt even see an Xbox in the video. Just because an xbox one case was shown doesn't mean its x1 footage people need to use their brains. when a controller is plugged into a pc the xbox controlls are shown. people try to bash ms for anything when they had nothing to do with it

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ArchangelMike926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Wait what?!?! OK now I'm gonna have to ask - so where the hell is the XbOne footage? Why is it not being shown, even when the gamecase shown is 'XboxOne', and the controller is an XboxOne controller?

Did microsoft have a marketing deal with CDPR or not?

Transistor926d ago

Yes, W3 is marketed by Microsoft.



Holy crap, all it takes is to look it up on Youtube. it was a developer journal from PAX east and was the only version you could play on the show floor. -_-

thekhurg926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

For the 100th time, that was un-optimized non final code. People want to see final code, not old stuff. Developers don't take current builds to those events, whatever was shown in March was a stable build from way earlier in the year.

u got owned926d ago

Its funny because most of the people asking where is the XBO version wont get the game on XBO, let alone have an XBO.