LittleBigPlanet official site now open

The headline says it all, really. Bit light on content at the moment with only a brief trailer and some wallpapers to look at. Nice design though.

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toughNAME3683d ago

I created that site using Forge

UnSelf3683d ago

i love Forge. Man i miss Halo 3. :(

Panthers3683d ago

What, you cant play it because your 360 broke?

beavis4play3683d ago

i'm not even gonna ask why toughname and breakfast are in here. let alone ask why 2 hardcore 360 fans would want to be the first 2 posts on a sony game thread?

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DarkBlade3683d ago

And there only two people that wrote on his as of now. Also can't wait for LBP, what they did at the press conference had me think about what i can to do when it releases.

zapass3683d ago

just imagining m$ execs babbling at a meeting is priceless:

"sh!t LBP is so kewwwwwwl, we need something like this ASAP!"
"can't we buy them???"
"nah I'm afraid..."
"bummer! what else can we buy? I want some of that cute puppet thing... it looks so fresh, creative, videogamy, hip, inventive, risky..."
"you mean like... everything we're not?"
"STFU! you're fired!"
"ehr... boss... we got viva pinata and banjo kazooye, they're old hasbeen dinosaurs but that's all we got..."
"oh well, at least it looks kiddish and platformy, maybe they won't see the difference...?"

"make it so!"

poopsack3683d ago

POP IT! Country selection, Im choosing my country in pop it lol!

RAM MAGNUMS3683d ago

all they have to do until next year is say we have final fantasy too.
but I think square enix will say

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